Ambassador Agreement

This agreement is going to help us work together in a way we can both benefit. Win-win for the win!

This agreement is intentionally written in plain English. We think the impenetrable lawyer-speak of modern contracts inhibits understanding, cooperation and mutual benefit, which helps no one (except the lawyers). We want what’s best for both of us, now and in the future, and we think plain English agreements help achieve that.

In short, the purpose of this agreement is simple:

You are going to recommend Scribe Media to people we don’t already know, in the hopes that they sign with us as paying clients. If they sign, we are going to pay you a referral fee, starting at $1,500 per referral, and escalating according to the terms below.

This is the official record of our agreement, and it lays out what we can both expect, who should do what and when, and what will happen if something goes wrong.

1. Making a Referral

After you join the Scribe Ambassador Program, you will receive a share link which is a unique trackable URL assigned to each Ambassador. When someone clicks on your share link, they will be taken to the Scribe website where they can sign up for a consultation with our Author Strategy team.

In order to receive credit for your referral, you MUST use your unique URL to make the introduction. It is how we know the referral came from you. If we’re unable to attribute the referral to you, you will not be paid.

Some options for sharing your link include:

  1. Connect your referral with our Author Strategy team ([email protected]) via email. Please use the intro email template provided to you and be sure to include your unique URL.
  2. Send the person you want to refer your unique link, which will prompt them to schedule a call with one of our Author Strategists.
  3. Share your unique link on your personal website, blog, newsletter, social media channels, or anywhere else you have peer connections that could benefit from sharing their wisdom with the world by writing and publishing their book.

Don’t worry if your referral doesn’t sign up immediately! A small 30-day tracking cookie is placed on their device after they click your link. This cookie helps us know that you referred the visitor and links them back to your account when they sign up for a consultation.

2. Promotional Materials

We provide a variety of resources to help new and existing Ambassadors thrive in the Scribe Ambassador program.

When you join, you will get access to a personal Ambassador Dashboard, where you’ll be able to track your referrals. This is also where you will receive your unique share link to use when promoting Scribe. This link automates tracking and allows us to attribute referrals automatically utilizing first-party cookies.

3. Intellectual Property

Since all promotional materials are made by us, we retain all the rights, ownership, and all that good stuff. Should be pretty obvious.

4. Relationship of Parties

Even though we like you very much, we aren’t getting married. We like to keep things casual (at least, as casual as possible when agreements are involved). Nothing in this agreement or relationship created any employment relationship, agency relationship, or formal partnership between us. You are an independent contractor, who gets money when you help people find us and decide to buy our services.

5. Commission Structure

Commissions are paid as flat fees on our core services as outlined below:

  • Scribe Elite Ghostwriting | $11,000 commission + 4 points
  • Scribe Professional | $3,500 commission + 2 points
  • Scribe Guided Author | $1,500 commission + 1 point
  • Scribe Publishing | $1,500 commission + 1 point
  • Scribe Audiobook | $500 commission

We reserve the right to change the commission structure at any time, but we will always communicate changes in writing before they take place. Commissions earned (meaning your referral has signed an agreement) prior to the communicated change will be honored at the previously agreed-upon rate.

If your referral changes or cancels their agreement with Scribe after you’ve already been paid a referral fee, we reserve the right to deduct the overpaid amount from future commissions.

In addition to the money, we give you cool stuff at specific point levels:

At 50 points, you get a free Scribe Professional package. You can use it yourself (or you can gift it to someone else) — a $48k value.

At 100 points, you get a round trip on a private jet. We will charter a private jet and fly you and up to 7 people (8 total) anywhere you want go, and back. The only restriction is that this must be a trip that is fully in the domestic, contiguous United States. It must originate and end in the lower 48.

At 200 points, we buy you a Tesla Model S. Like, an actual, real Tesla. In your favorite color.

6. Payment Terms

You only get paid if we get paid. If you send us lots of referrals with no clients who sign up and pay, then we can’t give you any money. But we will still be appreciative!

As of 3/15/2023, any new Ambassador who joins the program will earn a commission from their second successful referral and those thereafter.

Once the referral minimum has been satisfied, any successful referral will result in 2 commission payments according to the following timeline:

  • Payment 1: You will receive half of the total commission earned once the referral has satisfied 50% of their balance with Scribe.
  • Payment 2: You will receive the remaining half of the total commission earned once the referral has satisfied 100% of their balance with Scribe.

Once the commission is available for cash-out, you will receive a notification from PartnerStack letting you know. All commissions are paid out directly through your dashboard via PayPal or Stripe within 30 days. Processing fees for payouts are as follows:

  • Stripe: $2.25 USD + 0.25% to a max of $20 USD per payout
  • PayPal: 2% to a max of $20 USD


Definitely don’t spam anyone to promote us, or do anything like that, legal or illegal. We consider spamming to be things like sending unsolicited bulk emails to people you don’t know, or in any way annoying people with media that they don’t want or care about. We want connections to people you know, and/or promotion to an audience that has given you permission to contact it. That’s it.

8. No Ads

Please do not buy ads in any form to drive leads to us. This is totally against the point of the Ambassador Program.

9. Termination

Either of us can terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason. If we terminate it, we will still pay you any referral fees you are due that are outstanding from authors you referred to us.

But if the agreement is terminated, then we will NOT pay you for any future referrals that come in past the termination date, even if they are from you.

10. Other Legal Stuff

This is just making sure you certify that you have the legal ability to enter into this agreement, you aren’t some awful evil person that no one reasonable should ever interact with in their life. Also, you promise that you won’t talk bad about us, and that you’ll generally make your best effort to talk about us in the way we like, which is generally positive. Also, if you get sued because of something you did around promoting us, you agree that it’s not our fault and you take responsibility for your own actions.