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“A really really really wonderful experience. It was a super smooth experience. I have been trying to get this book done for years and now I’ve finally done it. ”

Stacy Middleman
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"Your company and more importantly the people I have worked with have been the best I have ever experienced as a customer. No bullshit. Straight up. You have something very special there. I'm a massive fan."

Lance Gibbs
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Every high-level professional uses coaches and mentors to achieve success. 

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3-Day Online Coaching Workshop

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From members of the Coached Author
private Facebook group

Jane Jones Bader

I just want to thank all of you for being on the calls when your schedule allows and for asking questions that I never realized I should have thought to ask. The insight I have gained from listening has saved me many hours of wasted time and effort. In particular, Emily truly liberated me when she said that it was acceptable to use “their” instead of “his or her“! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of you; it is a privilege to share this journey as we are transformed into authors.

Mar 6 · 10:18 PM

Lux Narayan

After 206 days of words, sweat, and tears, and a journey that started on this group in July 2020, I'm mighty thrilled to be able to add "author" to my bio. Know more about my book at https://NPAT.life

Thanks so much, Emily Gindlesparger for all your book-changing inputs. And thanks, Tucker Max and Team Scribe - for this class, and for the amount of free content and advice Scribe Media provides. Had to mention you in the acknowledgments, of course.

Thanks for this community and Good luck with your books, fellow authors!

Feb 5 · 12:00 PM

Susan Boran

Finding the questions in the Scribe book re-editing very helpful in the line-by-line edit, so I copied them out and taped it to my desk.  
What do I want to say? Is it clear? Is it short? Did I leave anything out? Am I talking to my Avatar? ( I added that last one).  I’m doing that for every paragraph, and it makes the decisions easy.  Well, easier.

Oct 19 · 5:34 PM

Dan Bensema

Good call with Hal yesterday!  Confirmed my Positioning is solid, and challenged me to get more clear on the emotions & “why” of my avatar.  After 90 minutes this morning I am more clear and confident on how the reader’s emotions & “why” fit into this how-to book.  Feels good.

Tomorrow: chapter summaries to ensure I have the right flow from start to finish.

May 8 · 7:49 AM

Shayla Boyd-Gill

I had an amazing call with Emily Gindlesparger about my positioning for my book. She helped me to feel super confident about the direction that I am moving in. I am so glad that I paused my writing to get clear. It was totally worth it.

May 11 · 5:17 PM

Christopher Schwake

New streak at 6 days in a row. I absolutely love the structure scribe provides, and am again incredibly grateful to travel with all of you 🙂

May 5 · 4:03 AM

Jessica Brondo Davidoff

369. This program is so freaking GOOD. Signing up for Book School was the best decision of 2020 🙌

May 15 · 6:16 AM

Charles Broersma

Thanks a lot Tucker & team! Can I just say that I'm having trouble sleeping now! I swear, I lay down, my head hits the pillow and Pow, inspiration strikes! All of a sudden, all of these ideas that I know I should be writing down start swirling through my mind. The connections that I couldn't possibly make until I was 1/2 conscious leap out of my mind and demand that I remember them. But...I'm in bed now...no worries, I'll remember them in the morning... I hope.. Does anybody else know what I'm talking about?!

May 1 · 8:46 PM

Nate Lambert

#win Tucker Max was absolutely right about the euphoria after getting the vomit draft done followed by LONG intense hours of painful editing. After finishing the brutal Hemingway edit, I was not looking forward to reading the entire manuscript aloud. I wondered how useful it would really be.

My boys learned a lot about real estate investing as I made them listen to me read in long hours in line at the amusement park. I was shocked and amazed at how many errors I found and how many better ways to state what was in the book. It was painful, but what a useful step! I just pulled off the bandaid and powered through the entire thing in a 24 hour period. So glad that's over, but my book is SO much stronger for it!

June 20 · 7:36 AM

Phillip Adra

I had been stuck in la-la land the past 4-5 days after finishing my positioning and before starting my outline (I have my call with Hal this Friday to discuss positioning).
Finally sat down to write my outline last night and goal was to outline 1-2 chapters. 2 hours later, I realized I did more writing than outlining. Over 1,200 words and a lot of it will go in the vomit draft.

That ever happen to anyone? I started thinking about the points I wanted to make in CH 1 and just started writing a lot of what came to mind, and voila, over 1,200 words. 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

May 7 · 2:48 PM

Daniela Liscio

49,495 words. My vomit draft is done. Why is it done? One reason: Because I gritted my teeth (with apprehension) and joined Scribe Writer’s Room about 5 weeks ago. I used the process, not perfectly and with a few liberties, used an incredibly helpful meeting with Emily, listened in on our weekly calls, and wrote. I’m not delusional and know I’ve got a ton of work ahead of me (scares me) ... but getting this first draft done makes it feel real. Like I could maybe actually possibly get this book written. And for that this process is especially valuable. Thank you to all of you in this group because I know it’s hard to go through this process. Writing brings up a lot of baggage. Much easier that we are in this community, though - so thank you especially to Tucker. Emily, Hal and Miles!

Everybody … we are getting our books DONE. By sometime next year, there will be another 100-odd books ready for a shelf and an open mind - created by us!

Jun 8 · 12:17 AM

Julie Schoeppe Hoffmeister

390 words today!

Wasn't planning on writing today, but was encouraged by all of your posts of progress.  

Worked on my avatar based upon all of the great feedback on my last post and found a lot more clarity.

May 3 · 12:02 AM

John Engle

Thanks to Hal's clear guidance, I rewrote our book positioning today. Greater clarity and focus is a gift. At this point, I'll invite my co-workers and board members to review and offer suggestions for tightening it up. Thanks again Hal!

April 17 · 6:43 PM