How can we help you?

Scribe helps entrepreneurs and business professionals write, publish, and market their non-fiction books.

We have a complete suite of services; publishing, editing, book coaching, scribing (what we call ghostwriting),
marketing and several others. We answer all of the common questions we get in these FAQs.

Scribe Ambassador

As a Scribe Ambassador, what do I have to do?

We don’t have any specific requirements for Ambassadors. Our ask is that you do whatever you can to connect potential authors in your network with us in a way that feels authentic and doesn’t waste any of your time.

We have found that those Ambassadors who succeed in referring an author during their first 30 days end up continuing to succeed.

What should I expect?

You should expect one email per quarter from our team, including any relevant updates, some content you might find helpful, and other exciting updates.

Other than that, you can expect to be left alone to act if and when you feel it makes sense.

How do I succeed in the Ambassador program?

Our most successful Ambassadors have gotten creative, mentioning us in speeches, reaching out to their email lists, and coming up with other ideas to get us in front of their audiences. 

Here’s a running list of our favorite ideas. As Cameron Herold would say, feel free to use these ideas for “R&D” (rip-off and duplicate).

How should I talk about Scribe to potential authors?

We don’t want you trying to convince anyone to write a book. If what we do doesn’t immediately grab their attention as something that sounds worth exploring, we probably aren’t the right fit to help them. 

Our recommendation is to find 10 ideal people from your network, send them a gentle ping to see if they are interested, and introduce those who are to Rikki Jump, our Author Strategist.

When I tell people about Scribe, some people tell me that it’s too expensive.

Our service is mainly for people who value their time more than their money. Like most things, there is a huge range in the price and quality of writing and publishing services — you can find writers on Craigslist that are $500 for a book, and premium ghostwriters as expensive as $150k. 

Having a team of professionals handling every aspect of a book is inherently expensive because of the costs of such great talent. For the quality we offer, we believe our prices are extremely low, but, because it’s a lot of money, it only makes sense for people who have a clear ROI on their book, like business owners and speakers.

For people with more time than money who would like a lower cost option, they are welcome to follow our process by downloading our book, The Scribe Method, for free and following the steps on their own time. We also provide everything you need to know to write, publish and market your book, for free, in our Scribe Book School courses.

When do you pay?

We pay 30 days after your referral has paid 50% of their balance with Scribe.

We don’t mess around with this part—we know you’re busy, and keeping track of owed payments is not a burden we want to place on you.

Can I really get a Tesla?

Yes. We haven’t given one away yet, but we have one Ambassador who is getting close.

Can you help me with [insert weird idea]?

Almost always, yes. 

Unless it’s illegal, immoral, or otherwise problematic, we are always happy to test out new ideas and work with our Ambassadors to make referrals as fun and easy as possible. We’ve helped Ambassadors write speeches, host webinars, create landing pages, put together custom offers, and just about everything in between. It can’t hurt to ask!

What if I have other ideas about how to promote Scribe?

That’s great! Although our goal is to avoiding putting too much work on our Ambassadors, we are always open to creative ideas. We’ve had Ambassadors give speeches, run social media campaigns, and do all sorts of other creative marketing to help refer more authors.

Can I be an ambassador if I'm not an author that worked previously with Scribe?

Absolutely! As long as you know people who might make great potential authors, we want to hear from you.