How can we help you?

Scribe helps entrepreneurs and business professionals write, publish, and market their non-fiction books.

We have a complete suite of services; publishing, editing, book coaching, scribing (what we call ghostwriting),
and book and author marketing. We answer all of the common questions we get in these FAQs.

Scribe Ambassador

How do I make a referral?

Your level of involvement in the program is entirely up to you, but in order to earn referral commissions, our Ambassadors must complete a minimum of 2 successful referrals.

In order to introduce referrals to Scribe, Ambassadors use their unique link to direct their referrals to sign up for a consult with our Author Strategists.

You have options for how you share your link:

  1. Connect your referral with our Author Strategy team ([email protected]) via email. You can use this intro email template and be sure to include your unique URL.
  2. Send the person you want to refer your unique link, which will prompt them to schedule a call with one of our Author Strategists.
  3. Share your unique link on your personal website, blog, newsletter, social media channels, or anywhere else you have peer connections that could benefit from sharing their wisdom with the world by writing and publishing their book.

We have found that those Ambassadors who succeed in referring an author during their first 30 days end up continuing to succeed.

How do I determine if someone will be a good fit?

To determine if someone would be a good fit for our professional services, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are they an expert in their field, as an entrepreneur or an executive?
  2. Can people benefit from what they teach?
  3. Would publishing their book help grow their business, or start a new one?
  4. Would they be able to invest $20k+ for expert guidance to write and publish their book?
How will I receive payment?

Once your reward has been Approved, your funds will be available for cash out on the Rewards & Withdrawals section of your PartnerStack portal within 30 days.

You will receive an email from PartnerStack to let you know.

You can cash out any rewards that are available following these steps:

Processing fees for payouts are as follows: 

  • Stripe: $2.25 USD + 0.25% to a max of $20USD per payout
  • PayPal: 2% to a max of $20 USD

Important: Rewards are paid out via PayPal or Stripe. Before cashing out, make sure you have the correct PayPal email address or Stripe account details linked in your Rewards & Withdrawals.

For information, please check out the following PartnerStack resources:

What can I earn?
  • $11,000 for each Scribe Elite Ghostwriting Author
  • $3,500 for each Scribe Professional Author
  • $1,500 for each Guided Author
  • $1,500 for each Publishing Author
  • $500 for each Audiobook Author
How do I succeed in the Ambassador program?

Our most successful Ambassadors have gotten creative, mentioning us in speeches, reaching out to their email lists, and coming up with other ideas to get us in front of their audiences. 

Here’s a running list of our favorite ideas. As Cameron Herold would say, feel free to use these ideas for “R&D” (rip-off and duplicate).

How should I talk about Scribe to potential authors?
  • What we do: Scribe helps entrepreneurs, executives and high-level professionals write, publish, and market their non-fiction books.
  • Why we do it:
    • Scribe believes everyone on earth has a story to tell.
    • We want to help people share their unique knowledge and leave a legacy of impact.
    • We believe everyone should be able to write and publish their book, while maintaining ownership and creative control—and still ensuring the highest quality and impact for readers.
  • How we do it: We surround authors with a professional publishing team to help them position, write, edit, design, publish, and market their book, getting it out of their head and out into the world.
  • Who we’ve worked with: We’ve worked with over 1,700 authors to create some incredible books, including 11 New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestsellers in just the last 5 years.
    • David Goggins, NY Times, WSJ Bestseller & USA Today Bestseller
    • Tiffany Haddish, NYT Bestseller, Goodreads Best Books of 2018
    • Nobel Peace Prize Committee
    • Todd Herman, WSJ Bestseller
    • Joey Coleman, WSJ Bestseller
When I tell people about Scribe, some people tell me that it’s too expensive.

Our service is geared towards individuals who prioritize their time over their budget. Like most things, there is a huge range in the price and quality of writing and publishing services — you can find writers on Craigslist that are $500 for a book, and premium ghostwriters as expensive as $150k.

Having a team of professionals handling every aspect of a book is inherently expensive because of the costs of such great talent. For the quality we offer, we believe our prices are extremely low. But, because it’s a lot of money, it is most beneficial for individuals who can see a clear return on investment from publishing their book, such as business owners and speakers.

For people with more time than money who would like a lower cost option, they are welcome to follow our process by downloading our book, The Scribe Method, for free and following the steps on their own time.

When will I receive my referral commission?

Commissions kick in after your second successful referral. You receive 50% of your referral commission once they’ve paid half their balance. Depending on which service they’ve signed on for, this can vary anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

You receive the remaining 50% of your referral commission once they have paid off their balance in full.

In your PartnerStack dashboard, your referral commission (Reward) will show as “Pending” until 50% of your referral’s balance has been paid, at which point it will be marked “Approved” and paid out within 30 days. For your second payment, this process will repeat until 100% of your referral’s balance has been paid.

Can I really get a Tesla?

Yes. We haven’t given one away yet, but we do have Ambassadors who are getting close!

Can you help me with [insert weird idea]?

Almost always, yes. 

Unless it’s illegal, immoral, or otherwise problematic, we are always happy to test out new ideas and work with our Ambassadors to make referrals as fun and easy as possible. We’ve helped Ambassadors write speeches, host webinars, create landing pages, put together custom offers, and just about everything in between. It can’t hurt to ask 🙂

What if I have other ideas about how to promote Scribe?

That’s great! Although our goal is to avoiding putting too much work on our Ambassadors, we are always open to creative ideas. We’ve had Ambassadors give speeches, run social media campaigns, and do all sorts of other creative marketing to help refer more authors.

Can I be an ambassador if I'm not an author that worked previously with Scribe?

Absolutely! As long as you know people who might make great potential authors, we want to hear from you.