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How does a life become a legacy?

Life is nothing if not a collection of moments—vignettes in a one-of-a-kind story. Only when that story is chronicled and shared can those exceptional moments become a legacy.

A timeless artifact

Your book is the ultimate endowment and your greatest triumph. It is an immaculate collection of your expertise. Between the covers, between the lines, is the greatest asset imaginable—your wisdom.

An exceptional experience

Time is no longer an obstacle between you and the story you need to share. The process is no longer a roadblock. You’re part of a unique experience designed to get your voice onto the page and your book in front of the perfect audience.


It’s heavier than you expected. The craftsmanship, the quality, the weight of your words—your legacy. The remarkable attention to detail your story deserves. Your book demands to be judged by its cover.


The importance of your message has never been in question. You’ve known what you wanted to say but needed a process that seamlessly integrated with your life. Now, there are no limits to your voice or the people it can reach.


Things are about to get interesting. The pages of your book are an endless array of messages and motivation. You no longer need a business card, but you might need a bigger Rolodex.

“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become
a page in someone else’s survival guide.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

A cover that demands to be judged

It’s a striking introduction to your story—an exquisite design unique to the lessons enclosed. An artisanally crafted treasure and an invitation to something truly amazing.

Your golden ticket

Your book is an asset that precedes you everywhere you go. It’s a publicist, a reporter, a skeleton key to every room you’ve ever felt locked out of. Cancel your business cards; you don’t need them anymore.

Words travel fast

You have the ultimate business tool. An asset that precedes you and sets the table no matter where you go.
Your voice and vision are available 24/7 to anyone who needs your message.

All eyes on you

Your contemporaries await your insights. The internet buzzes with your mentions and quotes. Your book was the red carpet, and now you’ve arrived. What will you do next?

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

Dr. Howard Garnder


White glove from start to finish

Committing To Your Legacy

The hard part is over. Everything you’ve ever done has led to this moment. All the tough decisions—the sacrifices. Now for the easy part. Sit back and let Scribe craft your book.

Galvanize Your Message

The most powerful stories are forged under the greatest stress—yours is no different. Step away from the heat and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. Finally, your lessons will help those who need them most.

Crafting The Perfect Asset

A team of award-winning creatives transforms your story. Scribes pen your lessons and expertise while designers create a handsome cover resonating with your message.

A Transcendent Evolution

You are an author now, but you’re so much more. There is no category, no competition; there is only you and your audience. Speaking gigs, appearances, podcasts—all part of this new phase of your life.



The premier professional ghostwriting experience

As a Scribe Elite Author, you’re part of a revolutionary new professional publishing experience. Our award-winning team of ghostwriters and creatives molds your story into an amazing book while you spend your time doing what you love. We write, edit, publish, and market your book for you. Sit back, and enjoy all the benefits from your favorite chair—in the office, boardroom, or on the beach.

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What makes Scribe Elite Ghostwriting different from other ghostwriting services?

Unlike other ghostwriting services, with Scribe, your book is entirely your ideas and your words, in your own voice.

Other Ghostwriters start with your book concept and a few of your ideas, then create a book using their own words, tone, and voice. It won’t sound like it came from you, because it generally doesn’t. In essence, a ghostwriter writes a book, and you pay them so that you can put your name on it. It’s not really your book.

With Scribe, your book is authored solely by you. The ideas and words and content are entirely yours and are in your voice. We put nothing in your book that did not come out of your head and your mouth. We like to say that we help you translate your ideas into a proper, professional book, but all meaningful parts of authorship are yours, making you the sole author.

The two other differences are these:

Ghostwriters give you a manuscript, and they do nothing else. We do it all—including full publishing and distribution.

A good ghostwriter is much more expensive than our process (good ones usually run about $100k+).

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then you need to hire a ghostwriter. That way the ghostwriter can do the research and write a book that makes sense, and you get to have your name on it.

The coolest part of the Scribe process is that you end up working with some of the very best editing and ghostwriting talents in the world—you just do it through our systematic and defined process. Our Ghostwriters love working with us (and our authors), because they are able to avoid most of the problems that freelancers have: finding good clients, negotiating terms of the deal, collecting payment, limiting the scope of the work, etc.

Our systematic process is actually better for authors and for freelancers, because it creates a clear set of expectations and deliverables, a defined workflow, and ensures there is a trusted third party—Scribe—to monitor everything and ensure that it works. Our roster of freelancers includes Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy Award winners, bestselling authors, bestselling ghostwriters, etc.

This creates a three-way relationship where everyone wins: you publish a great book, the freelancer gets paid well for work they enjoy, and we make a profit by coordinating the whole exchange.

We wrote a much longer piece on the differences between traditional ghostwriting and the Scribe process. You can read it here.

If I do Scribe Elite Ghostwriting, am I the author of the book? Is it in my voice?

Yes, you’re the sole author of your book, and it’s entirely in your voice. You are the only one contributing the ideas, the knowledge, and the content to the book, (and with the Guided Author Program, you actually write it out as well). All we do is help you with the parts of book writing that you aren’t an expert at; positioning, structuring, etc.

We’re able to do this because the book is literally created entirely from interviews with you—there is no other voice it could be but yours.

How do you select my Ghostwriter? Can I choose them?

No, authors do not choose their own Ghostwriter. That is why you are paying us—to do that.

To begin with, we thoroughly vet and test all our Ghostwriters. It’s easier to get into Harvard (6% acceptance rate) than it is to work with us as a Scribe (<1% acceptance rate). Not only that, but our Ghostwriters have spent at least a decade (usually longer) in writing and publishing, and many of them are highly decorated—Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy nominees and winners, and National Magazine Award winners.

We have an internal “ask system” that we use to pair up the right Ghostwriter and Author (you). Here’s how it works:

We get to know you, your book, and how you work. Then we create a “Project Scope” for your book, and let all our Ghostwriters see it. They will read it, and the ones who are interested in working on your book ask to be assigned.

They answer two questions: 1. Why are you excited to work on this book, and 2. What do you bring to the book that might help the author?

We then pick the one we think will be the best match—95% of the time, this process works great.

But yes, in rare cases, the Author and Ghostwriter are not a fit. If after working together, they feel uncomfortable or unwilling to move forward with the project, we’re happy to find a replacement Ghostwriter.

Can writing a book help boost my career?

Absolutely. We’ve seen hundreds of authors get more paid speaking opportunities, more clients, and more revenue after their book boosts their status and credibility in their field.

How do I use my book to increase my authority and credibility?

Books by their very nature enable authors to occupy a level of credibility far above where they started. This piece covers the effect in general, and we have literally hundreds of examples from our authors:

John Ruhlin used his book to establish his professional brand, become a sought after speaker, and double his firm revenue.

Deb Gabor used her book to build her own brand, and get work with Fortune 50 companies.

Cliff Lerner was a very successful entrepreneur who no one knew—until his book got him on the radar, and now he is on dozens of boards and is a high profile investor.

There are dozens of other examples here.

Who will I be working with during this process?

Your publishing team, which will be led by your Publishing Manager. They are your main point of contact and are in charge of ensuring you get a great book.

Most of the writing will be done by your Scribe, who is a professional writer and editor with at least a decade of experience working on books.

You will conceptualize your book cover with the help of our Creative Director, who has done dozens of bestselling book covers. The cover will then be designed by the director or someone on her team, and you will talk to our Art Director about feedback and revisions.

Your marketing efforts will be led by our book launch and PR team to ensure your book reaches its audience and achieves your goals as a newly published Author.