Become Your Industry’s “Go-to Expert.”

Media Coverage

You may have an important message, but it can’t make an impact if nobody hears it.

That’s why we created our Media Coverage package. We design a media outreach plan that places your message in front of your target audiences to help you grow your following and build your brand.

Min. $3,000/m for 3 months

What’s Included in the Media Coverage Package?

The goal of any ongoing Media Coverage campaign is to land opportunities to feature you and your book in front of your target audience.

Media Asset Creation
  • Create a detailed review of your book to create your customized Key Ideas Doc 
  • Build a media kit for you and your book to share with journalists
  • Research of your audience and their primary media sources
  • Additional research using The Footprint Technique, a process designed to find the outlets that have been most effective in supporting your competition
Podcast Tour
  • Outreach to hundreds of podcasts to open doors for interviews
  • Coordinate, set-up, and schedule podcast interviews
  • Brief you before each interview to ensure you are prepared to perform at your best
Traditional PR Push
  • Create a strategy to explore radio, TV, or journalist opportunities to feature your book
  • Outreach to any relevant people from our 3000+ media relationships
  • Pitch to local media to secure opportunities in your hometown
Book Review Submissions
  • Submit your book to major reviewers like Kirkus, Publishers’ Weekly, etc.
  • Mail physical books when needed to maximize chances of a review
Op-Ed Contributions
  • Strategize and craft ideas for articles that fit in major publications
  • Submit article ideas and discussions with managing editors
  • Support you in outlining and writing articles to deliver to secure placements
  • Track monthly conversations to revisit our strategy and look for additional angles
  • Create your own personal CRM in Airtable to track the status of all of our media conversations

Who Should Use Scribe Media Coverage?

  • Authors who are comfortable being interviewed and featured in the media
  • Authors who stand to benefit from the exposure and added credibility that media provides
  • Authors who have books that have new or interesting ideas that would appeal to media
  • Authors who are uncomfortable with media and don’t want to be in the spotlight
  • Authors who don’t have any reason to benefit from more exposure or credibility
  • Authors who have written books that don’t contain any ideas that the media would be interested in


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you go about figuring out media strategy?

We start with creating a customized strategic plan – the Footprint Strategy. We start by identifying people who have successfully reached and impacted the audience we want to reach, and use them as our guides. We then methodically research what media the top 5-10 people in your field have secured that have been most impactful in elevating them to that level. We now have a powerful list of outlets that could make a big impact for you and your book.

We also leverage our own relationships. We have over 3,000 journalists we’ve built connections with over the course of doing hundreds of launches, so we comb through those outlets that align with the direction from the original research.

Finally, we’re a team of deeply experienced PR professionals, so sometimes it’s not so methodical and comes down to instinct.

Can you help me with reaching out to ______?


Although we have certain directions that we think would be most beneficial, our greatest focus is on any outreach that will move the needle toward your goals.

We work together to determine which outreach will be most effective. For some authors, that’s podcasts. For some, it’s taking big swings for Tier 1 media. For others, it’s something outside the box, like reaching out directly to professors to feature their book in classrooms.

We’re happy to dedicate our time and energy to whatever will support your goals most.

Imagine millions of people knowing your name.

The only difference between you and the people who are better known is that they’ve gotten the chance to share their ideas with more people.

If you are serious about getting in front of more people with your message, schedule a free consultation call and let’s discuss what an ideal media strategy might look like for you, and how we can best support your vision.

Min. $3,000/m for 3 months