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2,000+ Authors
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23 NYT & WSJ
Best Sellers

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Books Build Brands

David Goggins wanted to keep full ownership of his life story—turning down traditional publishing deals. Goggins chose Scribe to publish his book, and Can’t Hurt Me became one of the bestselling memoirs of all time. Beyond that, #canthurtme became a movement. Watch the Video

David Goggins

Books Build Confidence

Robin already had the knowledge to be a thought leader in her industry, but she realized she needed to broadcast that wisdom so that her ideas could precede her. Writing her book helped her propel her brand and established her as a speaker and an authority. Read Her Story

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Books Build Businesses

Joey Coleman realized that writing a book could help him make a bigger impact beyond speaking and consulting. However, he struggled writing his book for ten years before partnering with Scribe. After launching his book, Coleman became a WSJ bestseller and doubled his speaking revenue. Read His Story.

Joey Coleman

250,000+ Book Reviews

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Scribe has a bespoke service for every step of the book-writing journey.


Publishing Services

We take your finished manuscript and turn it into a beautiful, high-quality, professional book.
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We write, edit, and publish your story for you, with options for marketing. No typing required.
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Coaching Services

We coach you through the entire book writing process, from creating the outline to the final edits.
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We launch, leverage, and market your book in order to maximize your impact as an author.
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