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Scribe Books Is Disrupting Self-Publishing by Giving Away All the Secrets for Free

“Co-founder Tucker Max says that giving everyone access to the kind of info his rivals charge big bucks for is all part of Scribe’s mission—and also gives the company a competitive advantage.”

If You Want to Write a Great Book, Hire a Great Scribe “In an era of “fake news” and questionable experts, CEOs and founders have to ensure that their work is theirs.”

Using The Power Of Publishing To Cut Through The Noise

“Authoring a book is a unique way to add credibility to your brand and enhance your core business.”

The 4 Steps a Startup Used to ‘Book’ $200K in 2 Months

“The product provided immediate value to my writing process, which triggered me to figure out how he’s been able to create such a valuable product.”

Women entrepreneurs have found a creative way to stand out from the crowd

“It’s as if my book is accelerant for my career.”

How to Travel the World and Keep Your Day Job

“I haven’t used [Scribe Media] personally but I trust the team, and the people I know who have used them are raving about the experience.”

King of ‘Fratire’ Tucker Max is Trying to Revolutionize Publishing
“No agent? No publisher? No time to sit down and actually write? No problem.” 

This Austin startup will help you finally write that book you’ve been dreaming about
“One Austin startup is…aiming to help ordinary people actually take the time to write the book they’ve always dreamed of.”

Startup of the Week: Book In A Box
“Launched in autumn 2014, [Scribe Media] did about $2.5 million in sales in 2015 and is currently working with over 200 authors.”

Tucker Max: Finding New Stories to Tell
“The revolutionary company has perfected a system of creating books for authors who otherwise wouldn’t have had the time to write them.”

Your Business Book Is A Marketing Tool
“There is no better multi-purpose tool to attract attention for your business than a book.”

Q&A with Zach Obront
“Our goal is to take all the pain out of the book publishing process.”

When Tucker Max Pitches His Startup at Doug Guller’s Hill Country Mansion
“We need not less books, but more books.”

Meet Zach Obront, Co-founder of Scribe Media
“Techie, Zach Obront, takes on Publishing.”

How to Publish a Book With Just 30 to 40 Hours of Work
“Eric Siu sits down with Zach Obront, co-founder of Scribe Media, which takes business owners’ ideas and turns them into fully fleshed-out, physical books.”

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