Become a Scribe Ambassador

Get rewarded for helping your friends become published Scribe authors.

Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are experts and respected voices in their fields. Through their expertise and thought leadership, they have earned the trust of their peers.

We’ve worked with thousands of authors already, but there are still tens of thousands of potential authors who should write a book and don’t know that we can help them.

That’s where you come in.

While building your career, you’ve connected with people who have valuable information and stories they can share in a book, and we’ve found the best way to reach great authors is through an introduction from someone they trust.

The Scribe Ambassador Program makes it very easy for you to introduce potential authors in your network to Scribe—where you can earn commissions ranging from $1,000 to $12,000 for helping the people you know become published authors.

*Scribe Ambassador Program Terms of Service.

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Scribe Elite Ghostwriting

Our award-winning ghostwriting, publishing and marketing service.


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Scribe Professional Referral

We interview the author, and do the writing, editing, and publishing.


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Scribe Guided Author Referral

We guide the author through the writing process, then we do the publishing.


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Scribe Publishing Referral

For authors with completed manuscripts who need help with editing and publishing.


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In addition to earning Referral Fees, you’ll earn a free Scribe Professional project for every $500k in business you refer.

How it works

Here’s a real-world example of how the Scribe Ambassador Program actually works.

1. Cameron Signed Up as an Ambassador

As an entrepreneur with a big network and large social media following, Cameron was a perfect fit to become an Ambassador, so he signed up to learn more.

2. Cameron Shared Scribe with His Network

He knew his colleague John Ruhlin was ready to publish a book with Scribe, so he had them schedule a consult with our author strategist.

3. A New Book Is Published!

John signed with Scribe Media. When John’s book was published, Cameron received a $12,000 commission payment!