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Launch Your Book Like a Pro.

Book Promotion

You’ve spent months (or years) creating the perfect book. Now it’s time for the fun part.

Our team of pros will help you build and execute the marketing plan your book deserves, so you can share your message, make an impact, and build credibility as a professional author.

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What’s Included in the Book Promotion Service?

After running 1,000+ book launches (including scores of NYT and WSJ bestsellers), we’ve developed a proven process to ensure your book doesn’t end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Media Coverage
  • A detailed review of your book to create an Interview Prep Sheet and Custom Media Kit.
  • Media pitching to open doors and create momentum around your book
  • Outreach to our 13k+ media relationships to secure opportunities for your book
  • Your own Personal CRM in Airtable to track the status of all of our media conversations
Amazon Bestseller Promotion
  • Amazon category research and selection to maximize the chances of bestseller status
  • Management of $0.99 price promotion to spur early sales and reviews
  • Custom email copy to use to drive sales within your network before and after the book is released
  • Email service provider setup and management to efficiently email your contacts
  • Social media visual graphics and copy to use to promote the book before and after the book is released
  • Promotion of the book to Scribe’s email subscribers and social media followers
Network Playbook
  • A complete customized strategy to leverage your network to drive sales, reviews, and larger forms of support
  • A bespoke one-by-one gameplan for how to best leverage each of your relationships
  • Customized email scripts to use for outreach to drive results
  • Coordination of galley giveaways (advanced reader copies) to your highest-value relationships
Content Publication
  • Articles excerpted and edited from your book manuscript
  • Short and long form content created to promote your book on social media
  • Quote images and other visual graphics created to engage your social media network
Paid Promotions
  • Complete research and setup of online ads to promote the book
  • Goodreads account setup and Goodreads Giveaway promotion

Who Should Use Scribe Author Impact?

  • Authors who are publishing a non-fiction book
  • Authors who care about ensuring their message reaches as many people as possible
  • Authors who are looking for a comprehensive strategy to reach readers
  • Authors who want to collaborate with a team of professionals to ensure everything goes smoothly, and they are willing to pay for expertise
  • Authors who are willing to do their part to ensure their book is a success
  • Authors who are publishing a fiction book (or aren’t publishing a book at all!)
  • Authors who wrote their book simply for the credibility of having written a book, not with the goal of actually sharing their message
  • Authors who aren’t willing to spend the time on interviews and other aspects of the launch that require their time and attention
  • Authors who would rather do it themselves


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of results can I expect for my book launch?

Talking about results can be tricky because results mean different things to different people.

For example, in 2018, we did a book about marketing for lawyers. It was pretty niche, and only sold a few hundred copies during the book launch. But because the author ran a large legal marketing company and did a lot with the attention we generated, he attributes over $2mm directly to the Book Promotion Process.

What we can guarantee is that you’ll receive a custom landing page and lead gen download, custom emails for your email drip campaign, social media assets to effectively talk about your book online, a Goodreads Giveaway campaign including email addresses of those who enter, an enhanced Amazon listing, PR outreach to Scribe’s database of 13k+ media contacts, access to an exclusive international rights marketplace, and exposure to Scribe’s email subscribers and social media followers.

Should I be focusing on pre-sales?

No! A lot of authors obsess over pre-sales, and most of them do it only because they see other authors do it. The only people who this makes sense for are those who are trying to hit the NYT Bestseller list, or are trying to impress their publisher so they are taken more seriously.

If you are most concerned with the long term success of the book, it’s much better to focus that attention after launch.

As an example, when was the last time you pre-ordered a book? Probably not recently, if ever, right?

Instead of making an “ask” before launch, losing people, and converting poorly, we’d rather use that time to get people excited and save the ask until after launch when potential readers are more likely to pull the trigger.

How do I get on the NYT bestseller list?

We don’t focus on hitting major bestseller lists, as they have become an overpriced game. We find it more effective to focus on marketing that will sell books and increase influence, rather than just trying to get the credential of a bestseller list without real impact.

For more information on how to hit a major bestseller list, you can read this article (written by our 4x NYT bestseller co-founder, Tucker Max).

How do you choose categories?

Categories are an important part of hitting Amazon bestseller. Basically, if you are selling more books than anyone else in your category over a 1-2 day period, you’ll become the #1 book in the category.

To ensure this happens, we wait until the week before launch (when we have a good sense of the competition) and we research all the relevant categories around your topic. We want to make sure they are prominent categories, but you aren’t going head to head with Malcolm Gladwell or anyone who will be impossible to beat.

Once we find the right categories, we add you to them in advance of launch week to maximize your chance of hitting bestseller status during launch week.

Do I need to do the $0.99 price promotion?

You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do! But consider this…

The long-term success of a book comes from word of mouth, from readers talking about it. So our goal early on in book marketing is to get as many people as possible to read the book, so they can talk about it later.

The $0.99 promotion is powerful because all the people who would regularly be on the fence, or maybe add the book to their “read later” list, decide to take the plunge right away. That gets you more readers early on, and maximizes your chances of bestseller status.

We recommend doing it for all authors, unless book sale revenue is a big factor for them AND they have a big audience that they want to earn that revenue from. Otherwise, the $0.99 discount is a no-brainer to support the book’s long-term success.

How much time should I expect to spend on this?

This varies by author, because a lot of the advice we give leaves a lot of room to do as much or as little as needed. Most of what we will ask from you has to do with focusing on your relationships and galvanizing them to take action to promote the book. Some authors don’t do this at all, and some dedicate all their time to it leading up to launch.

As estimates for a normal author, you can expect to spend about:

  • 60-90 minutes per week leading up to launch
  • 60-90 minutes per day during launch week
  • 30-60 minutes per week after launch
What kind of media exposure should I expect during the book promotion?

Like anything that we don’t have complete control over, we can’t make guarantees around media.

We can guarantee that we’ll pitch your book to outlets that give you the best chance at landing an interview. This means that our team evaluates the content of your book and the industry you’re in to ensure we’re pitching you to our media connections looking to feature authors like you.

This means that your book about running a business will be pitched to media interested in business. If your content could apply to parents with the right spin, that outreach is better left to a dedicated Publicist (who we’re happy to recommend).

Can you get me on a bestseller list? How does that work?

We do NOT run any bestseller campaigns for major lists.

Getting on a media bestseller list (like the Wall Street Journal or New York Times) is a major endeavor, and from our experience, it usually doesn’t align with the real success of your book.

Each of these lists has their own rules (which we’ve outlined here), but the basic idea is the same: they measure total sales over the course of one week, and they have rules that people use to try to game them.

When authors try to hit the lists, they end up optimizing for these rules—racking up presales to distribute through indie bookstores, for example, or providing bonuses to their audience to bribe them into buying the book.

In our experience, rather than focusing attention on playing games to meet the criteria of a bestseller list, the best thing an author can do is focus on reaching people who genuinely want to read the book. This is a long term activity and not something to try to squeeze into a one-week period.

For more information on how bestseller lists work and why to avoid them, you can read our more in-depth article on the topic.

Give your book the success it deserves.

Too many authors write incredible books, only to fail at getting them in the hands of readers.

If you are serious about your book making an impact, schedule a consult call where we can discuss your goals, lay out a plan for success, and determine if we’re the right fit to help.

Payment Plan Available