As of today, Book In A Box is changing its name to Scribe Media.

This is exciting for us, but there’s nothing more tedious than a business trying to make a big deal out of something small, so we won’t belabor you with false fanfare.

Our new company name will be Scribe Media.

Why’d We Do This? You knew why the moment you heard the new name: it’s way better.

Scribe describes what we do, how we serve our clients, and who we are. We literally act as Scribes for our authors. But more importantly, we have grown up substantially as a company, and it was time for our name to reflect our status.

Book In A Box was a fine name at the beginning, but now it feels down market. It’s not the right name for a mature company that helps some of the most successful people on Earth turn their knowledge and wisdom into books, which is who we are now.

The big change will be that you’re going to see a pretty big increase in content from us in about a month or so.

This re-brand (along with some extensive process improvements) took us a solid 6 months of work, but now that is over, we have so much awesome stuff coming for you.