Writing your memoir is no easy feat.

It seems simple. After all, you’re writing about the topic you know best. But how do you know which details and memories support the premise of your book? In a life full of important moments, how do you sort through all of them? How do you write about your accomplishments without sounding boastful?

At Scribe Media, we have experts who specialize in memoir ghostwriting. Working with one of our ghostwriters eliminates the headache—and often heartache—involved in writing your memoir.

The Benefits of Hiring a Memoir Ghostwriter

Every book requires pouring your heart and soul into writing it. Writing a memoir, though, requires a little extra. It’s a therapeutic process that makes you ask yourself hard questions and dig into uncomfortable places. You shouldn’t have to dig alone.

Our ghostwriters know which questions to ask and how to find the best stories to create your memoir. They’re experts in storytelling, writing, interviewing, and, most importantly, helping you explore ideas, thoughts, and feelings that you may not have explored before.

In addition to this professional guidance, our ghostwriters provide an objective eye to the story you’re telling. They know how to put together a powerful memoir and achieve your goals in writing it. Working with this level of expertise saves you time, money, and sanity.

Scribe Media’s Approach to Memoir Ghostwriting

Our ghostwriting services can be broken down into two categories: Scribe Professional and Scribe Elite Ghostwriting.

Scribe Professional is geared toward entrepreneurs, consultants, and executives who want to publish their book in their words but lack the time and desire to write the book themselves.

The second ghostwriting service we offer is Scribe Elite, Scribe’s revolutionary publishing experience. Scribe Elite authors work with an award-winning team of ghostwriters and creatives who mold the story into a memorable book. All writing, editing, publishing, and marketing is handled by our team. Scribe Elite comes with perks and opportunities for customization, including the guarantee that the assigned ghostwriter has written or edited Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or New York Times bestsellers.

We only work with the best ghostwriters and have extremely strict guidelines for hiring them. We offer a money-back guarantee for all our services, and if the first ghostwriter we pair you with doesn’t work out, we provide you with another writer who will.

When writing your book, especially a memoir, you need to collaborate with a ghostwriter who truly gets you. They have to be able to capture your voice, take your goals on as their own, and maintain a compatible workflow. Matching you with the right ghostwriter is one of our most important responsibilities—and our authors like scratching it off their to-do list.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Whether your memoir is your first book or fifth, anticipating the writing and publishing of it can be daunting. This is how John Sardella felt when he first decided to tell his story.

After nearly three decades of marriage, John lost his wife in a hard-fought battle with cancer. Devastated and grief-stricken, he used writing as an outlet for his pain and a conduit for healing. Then a thought occurred to him: what if he could capture his journey in a book and inspire others with the lessons and insight he learned?

This would be a motivational book, and it would be his legacy. John knew he needed help. He wanted a publishing company that would support him every step of the way in his book’s creation, from organizing and writing to publishing and marketing.

Once he hired Scribe, John found the support he was looking for. Our ghostwriters helped him determine his book’s direction and convinced him that he could only fulfill his goal of motivating readers by sharing his complete story. John’s book became a memoir.

They told me my book was actually about my wife and everything that happened, and they were right.

A Journey Without a Map gave John a platform to help others struggling with grief. It also surpassed his expectations, becoming a #1 bestseller in multiple Amazon categories and selling more than three thousand copies to date.

John’s story is unique, but his publishing experience isn’t. We’ve helped hundreds of authors open their hearts, find their voices, and create memoirs that changes their lives.

The Memoir Ghostwriting Process Explained

The memoirs we help create follow a similar path to our nonfiction books:

  1. Planning/Structuring
  2. Interviewing
  3. Writing
  4. Revising

Both the writing and revising processes can vary in length. On the other side of revisions is your final product, so it can be tempting to rush through revisions, but don’t—this is especially where you want to take your time. Writing memoirs can drain authors more than writing other books because of the emotional expense. Our ghostwriters know this and help you pace yourself, stay on course, and cross the finish line with the best book possible.

Why Scribe Media for Your Memoir

At Scribe, our memoir ghostwriting service is different from other publishers. Here’s how:

  1. We’re the only company that treats memoir writing like therapy. This isn’t just the story of your life; it’s your legacy. Our ghostwriters apply this philosophy to every stage of the memoir writing process.
  2. We only pair authors with ghostwriters who have experience writing memoirs—no room for rookie mistakes here.
  3. We’re very selective in choosing the ghostwriters we hire. Most of our writers have more than a decade of experience and are published authors themselves.
  4. We facilitate the entire self-publishing process as part of our service.
  5. We offer a money-back guarantee.
  6. Authors keep 100 percent of the royalties and rights to their memoir.

From comprehensive interviews to complete editing services, cover design to coordination of key publishing details, our ghostwriting services offer the complete package for memoirs. Plus, we distribute the e-book format of your memoir through all major online retailers and provide marketing consultations and promotional strategy support.

Everyone has a powerful story in them just waiting to be told. Maybe it could inspire others or help them through a tough time. Maybe it would pose thought-provoking questions that reveal a new way of looking at life.

Whatever rare gift your memoir holds, we’ll help you find it. Then we’ll help you share it with the world.