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At Scribe, we believe everyone has a story to tell. Our mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish, and market their book. To date, we’ve helped more than 1,700 authors publish their non-fiction books, and below is a list of authors we’re currently working with to launch and promote their books. 

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Last Updated: February 21, 2021


Steven Cardinale (Synaptic Alchemy): The best entrepreneurs know this: When the right ingredients are present, success feels like magic. But the companies entrepreneurs most look up to, like Apple, Tesla, Google and Amazon aren’t magical. They’re alchemical. Steven Cardinale, successful entrepreneur turned innovation consultant (PwC, IBM, Eli Lilly, etc.) has 20+ years of experience guiding and studying the magic that makes rapid scaling possible. In his new book, Synaptic Alchemy, Steven shares that success is a replicable formula, if you understand the ingredients. 

Steven Cardinale Media Kit

Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger and Wilson Pang (Real World AI): Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger is a customer-driven product leader dedicated to building products that solve hard problems for real people. She served as VP of product for Figure Eight (acquired by Appen), VP of AI and data at Appen, and director of product at IBM Watson. Wilson Pang joined Appen in November 2018 as CTO and is responsible for the company’s products and technology. Wilson has over nineteen years’ experience in software engineering and data science. Prior to joining Appen, Wilson was chief data officer of Ctrip in China, the second-largest online travel agency company in the world. In their new book, Real World AI, they share dozens of AI stories from startups and global enterprises alike featuring personal experiences from people who have worked on global AI deployments that impact billions of people every day. This practical guide to deploying AI lays out a human-first, responsible approach that has seen more than three times the success rate when compared to the industry average.

Alan Payne (Built to Fail): The legacy of Blockbuster is that it could never survive in a world where Netflix reigns supreme, but the owner of one of the last surviving Blockbuster franchises says you don’t know the whole story. From the missed opportunity to purchase and compete with Netflix and Redbox, to the pseudo elimination of late fees, to the refusal to use consumer data to their advantage, Blockbuster was built to fail. Alan Payne was one of the last standing Blockbuster franchisees because he stopped listening to corporate and ran the business his way, keeping stores open for almost a decade after Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy.  

Cactus Raazi (Price): Price is the primary feature of every transaction—so why is it often treated as an afterthought? Most companies use pricing approaches developed before the internet, failing to harness modern analytics. Your customer relationships vary widely; shouldn’t each customer’s loyalty to your product or service be reflected in their price? An expert at combining data analytics with finances, Cactus Raazi has developed an acute sense of how price affects the commercial transaction (and how we get it wrong).

Cactus Raazi Media Kit

Nancy Giordano (Leadering): The concept of “leadership” is woefully out-of-date in the 21st century. According to Nancy Giordano, it’s time to usher in a new era: Where leadership is built on yesterday, leadering confidently and thoughtfully anticipates tomorrow. In her new book, Giordano — the first TEDx licensee, guest lecturer with Singularity University, and one of the world’s top female futurists — provides clarity and urgency around what modern stewardship demands as exponential technologies and changing societal expectations converge to shape a better next. 

Benny Ausmus (The Transformational Leadership Compass): Benny Ausmus, a global organizational development coach and founder, knows change. He’s worked with yogurt factories, IT consultancies, telecommunications firms, tech businesses, flying trapeze schools (seriously!), and companies of all shapes and sizes to create lasting change in even the most resistant, dysfunctional cultures. Now he’s sharing his recipe for success in The Transformational Leadership Compass. This easy-to-use, dynamic system of transformation will help every CEO bring their employees’ heads and hearts together for a new and better normal.

The Transformational Leadership Compass Media Kit

Christian Espinosa (The Smartest Person in the Room): Cyberattack—an ominous word that strikes fear in the hearts of nearly everyone, especially business owners, CEOs, and executives. In The Smartest Person in the Room, Christian Espinosa shows you how to leverage your company’s smartest minds to your benefit and theirs. Learn from Christian’s own journey from cybersecurity engineer to company CEO. He describes why a high IQ is a lost superpower when effective communication, true intelligence, and self-confidence are not embraced. With his seven-step methodology and stories from the field, Christian helps you develop your team’s technical minds so they become better humans and strong leaders who excel in every role. This book provides you with an enlightening perspective of how to turn your biggest unknown weakness into your strongest defense.

The Smartest Person in the Room Media Kit 

Tanner Chidester (Infinite Income): Tanner Chidester is a college dropout who created a multi-million dollar online business for himself before going on to teach other entrepreneurs how to find the same success. In his new book, Infinite Income, Tanner is teaching entrepreneurs everything from setting up a website to building a funnel to leveraging social media in order to take their business to the next level and find personal freedom and financial independence.

Infinite Income Media Kit

Stephen Kagawa (Aloha Financial Advising): The dynamic between financial advisors and those they advise is broken. Employers want advisors to push products that drive profit, often at the expense of truly serving client needs. Stephen Kagawa, CEO of The Pacific Bridge Companies, wants the industry to do better; in Aloha Financial Advising, Kagawa shares a new way to develop trust. Whether you’re new to the industry or a twenty-year veteran, the new set of priorities laid out in this book will help you deal with the pressure to sell, avoid going astray to chase money, and create the alignment with clients you’ve been missing.

Aloha Financial Advising Media Kit

Adii Pienaar (Life Profitability): An entrepreneur and founder of two global multimillion-dollar companies, Adii Pienaar prides himself on the commercial and life profitability of his businesses. Adii’s personal journey enabled him to discover a rich, fulfilling life that coincides with a sustainable strategy for success in the workplace. His concept of life profitability is now gaining momentum in the business world. In his new book, Life Profitability, Adii provides you with a new perspective for becoming self-aware, recognizing your values, and understanding your impact. An enriched life and a successful business are not mutually exclusive. In fact, this book will provide you with the first steps in building a business that is more sustainable, with increased options for you, your employees, and your community. 

Life Profitability Media Kit

Andrew Freedman, Paul Elliot: (Thrive):  Andrew is Managing Partner at SHIFT Consulting and an affiliate faculty member at the University of Baltimore. His passion is designing organizational systems and processes that provide leaders a foundation to translate individual, team, and organizational talent into tangible business outcomes. Andrew’s work spans a variety of industries (media, financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, etc.) and centers on helping clients consistently achieve exceptional results. Thrive provides leaders with a clear blueprint for building a high-performance culture. Drawing on extensive experience in change management, organizational development, and performance consulting, Andrew Freedman and Paul Elliott share their systematic approach, known as the Exemplary Performance System (EPS), in a way that enables leaders to take immediate action to shift workforce engagement and performance.

Thrive Media Kit

Mandy Gilbert (Just Go With It): Mandy Gilbert is an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, and speaker. She started Creative Niche in 2002—a recruitment firm specializing in advertising, digital, and marketing—with $8,000. Today, it brings in nearly $12 million in sales annually and has placed thousands of creative, digital, and marketing talent across North America. Mandy has been recognized as a United Nations Global Accelerator and has completed the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, and is a weekly Inc. columnist. In her new book Just Go With It, Mandy shares her journey to guide and inspire both new and established entrepreneurs alike. 

Just Go With It Media Kit

Alexsys Thompson (The Power of a Graceful Leader):  Alexsys is a board-certified leadership coach whose tipping point came when she established her gratitude practice and spent a decade refining it. Today, developing a gratitude practice is a key element of her work. She  also serves as adjunct staff for The Center for Creative Leadership and is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and authored The Trybal Gratitude Journals. In The Power of a Graceful Leader, Alexsys shares how to begin integrating who you are and how you lead. She offers tools, tenets, and some relatable stories to support you in your journey toward becoming an integrated and graceful leader

The Power of a Graceful Leader Media Kit

Mandy Cavanaugh (F*ck the Glass Ceiling): Diversity training in corporate America is more popular than ever before, but there’s a big disconnect between what corporations say and what they do. Mandy Cavanaugh’s passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and helping people thrive are the driving forces behind F*ck the Glass Ceiling: Start at the Top (and Stay There) as a Feminine Entrepreneur. F*ck the Glass Ceiling will help women in executive, leadership, and entrepreneurial roles harness the power of their femininity to scale up her organization without sacrificing her authentic self.

F*ck the Glass Ceiling Media Kit

Laura Calandrella (Our Next Evolution):  Laura Calandrella is a leadership strategist and consultant. She has spent the past two decades working with organizations from across the environmental community to design collaborative approaches to our most pressing issues. The environmental crisis is advancing at an unprecedented pace and scale. It will outpace us if we don’t turn our attention to an even deeper concern regarding the future of humanity: we need to work together to create change. Our Next Evolution delivers a framework for 21st century collaboration through four interlinked leadership practices: Cultivating Presence, Creating Space, Leveraging Diversity, and Sustaining Dialogue. Laura’s work strengthens relationships, delivers more holistic and creative solutions, and allows her clients to achieve impactful results at increasingly larger scales. 

Our Next Evolution Media Kit

Patty Beach (The Art of Alignment): Whether you are at the top or the bottom of the organization, there’s a real art to getting everyone aligned. Take it from Patty Beach, who has been helping business leaders move projects, initiatives, strategies, and, ultimately, the mission and vision forward. Pragmatic, thought-provoking, and thoroughly useful, The Art of Alignment offers real-life stories, proven principles, and actionable advice. This step-by-step guide explains how to introduce new ideas and get any group of any size to agree and commit. You’ll even learn how to get your team members back on track when things fall off the rails.

The Art of Alignment Media Kit 

Jawad Ahsan (What They Didn’t Tell Me): At age twenty-nine, Jawad Ashad defined his North Star: he wanted to move up to the C-suite. A year later, he became a divisional CFO at GE Healthcare and by age thirty-seven, became the CFO of a publicly traded company, Axon. In What They Didn’t Tell Me, drawing on his remarkable story, Jawad shows how charting your own course not only changes how others view you—it changes how you view yourself. If you’re ready to become a resilient leader at the helm of a high-performing team, this book is for you.

What They Didn’t Tell Me Media Kit

Richard Thalheimer (Sharper Image Success): When he was 23 years old, CEO Richard Thalheimer fantasized about creating something. 30 years later, The Sharper Image was a globally recognized name, with 200 stores in six countries, 4,000 employees, and a catalog and internet business approaching a billion dollars in sales. Sharper Image Success gives you an unprecedented view into Richard’s “Billionaire Mindset” so you can find your own path to success.

Sharper Image Success Media Kit

David Perry (Game of Sales): Working in enterprise sales for companies like Adobe, Amazon, Google, and IBM, David Perry has learned a few things about the game of sales. Covering everything from why you should choose a career in sales to how to land (or recover) mega deals, Game of Sales is the candid conversation you wish you could have with an enterprise sales veteran.

Game of Sales Media Kit

Jeremy Bodenhamer (Adapt or Die): Most companies who sell a physical product treat order fulfillment like an afterthought, but warehousing and shipping costs can make or break your business (especially when you’re up against the big whigs like Amazon). Adapt or Dies paints a compelling picture of waste and lost profits, and shows you how one wrong move in something as simple as packaging can send a company into the red.

Adapt or Die Media Kit

Trey Taylor (A CEO Only Does Three Things): Trey Taylor is the managing director of trinity | blue, a consultancy designed to provide executive coaching and strategic planning to C-Suite leaders. His experience derives from fields as diverse as technology, financial services, venture capital, and commercial real estate development. His new book, A CEO Only Does Three Things, zeroes in on the three pillars of business: culture, people, and numbers.

A CEO Only Does Three Things Media Kit

Kelley Powell (Courage to Lose Sight of Shore): Growing your business is scary. This is especially true for first-time founders. Kelley Powell gets it: as CEO of MacLaurin Group, she specializes in facilitating just-right partnerships between private equity firms and the portfolio companies they acquire. Her book gives business owners unprecedented insight to what the best private equity firms are really looking for: a greater understanding of you, your company’s story, and how you operate as a leader. Courage to Lose Sight of Shore teaches you how to find the right firm, navigate the process, and scale the business alongside your new partner.

Courage to Lose Sight of Shore Media Kit

Doug Foley (Breakout Blueprint): Doug Foley is the podcast host of the hit show, The Happiness of Pursuit, and teaches listeners how ordinary people followed their passions to create extraordinary lives. He launched two six-figure agencies in less than 18 months, and he’s now using that experience to help others find fulfillment through a lifestyle business. His new book, Breakout Blueprint, is a step-by-step guide on launching your own lifestyle business. 

Breakout Blueprint Media Kit

Jim Rushton (Guaranteed Analytics): Jim Rushton has worked with reputable companies such as Verizon, DeLoitte, IBM, and more to help analyze their data and make important business decisions, ultimately identifying lucrative business opportunities. In his book, he outlines how to build a successful data analytics program by identifying goals and organizing data in a way to make effective decisions. 

Guaranteed Analytics Media Kit

Tim Kintz (Fearless): Tim Kintz is a bestselling author and president of the automotive industry’s premiere sales and management training company, The Kintz Group. In his new book, Fearless, Tim shows you how to be a dynamic leader and innovate throughout challenges to keep your sales team one step ahead of the game. Written for new and seasoned professionals alike, this book will be your companion in navigating management in today’s world. 

Fearless Media Kit

Eva Yazhari (The Good Your Money Can Do): You shouldn’t just know how your money is working for you — you should know that it is working for the good of others and the good of our world’s future. For too long people have assumed that the only way to do good with their money is to drive in the philanthropic and not-for-profit lanes. Eva Yazhari, founder of Beyond Capital and The Conscious Investor spreads the gospel of impact investing through her new book The Good Your Money Can Do and everyone can benefit from being her disciple. By leveraging her years of experience on Wall Street and her passion for making a generous impact on the world Eva shows readers how they can invest their money into companies that are making a true difference in the world. At times philosophical and other times practical she reveals that investing to impact others will, in turn, have an impact on us.  

The Good Your Money Can Do Media Kit


Personal Development

Shari Moss (For the Right Kind of Love): When she was only eight, Shari Moss lived in a single motel unit in the middle of the desert with her three siblings. Isolated from her peers and too poor for toys, she would spend hours flipping through the pages of the motel’s Sears catalog, imagining the home she so desperately wanted. Her journey crosses multiple cities in two countries as she finds love, goes through hell and back, and continuously searches for that perfect house and a life she can be proud of. After writing two books to help millennials through these challenging and competitive times, entrepreneur and author Shari Moss opens up about her own life in this poignant and heartwarming memoir about overcoming the past and finding joy in helping others.

For the Right Kind of Love Media Kit

Marney Andes (Start with Give-Me Shots): Marney Andes grew up on a farm outside of Wallace, a small town in western Nebraska. Today, she is a successful learning and development executive, coach, corporate consultant, and entrepreneur. Her success is mostly from the keen wisdom passed to her through her dad, who taught her eight core lessons that grounded her and helped her create the life she wanted. Success—in business and life—doesn’t come without taking advice, learning lessons, and living with intention. In Start with the Give-Me Shots, Marney outlines her dad’s lessons through honest storytelling, and simple, real-life examples, so you can experience his advice for yourself. No matter your stage of life or the challenge you face, applying these lessons will help you navigate your own journey, grow professionally and personally, and live a life you’re proud of. 

Start with Give-Me Shots Media Kit

John Jackson (What About Me: Walking the Tightrope as a Black Man in America): 

He’s a fortune 50 executive and founder, owner, and principal of the groundbreaking Nationally syndicated documentary entitled, “What About Me. D. John is committed to educating, informing, entertaining, and promoting positive images of African Americans through various forms of media. In his upcoming book, What About Me: Walking the Tightrope As A Black Man In America releasing February 23rd, is on a mission to radically change the story young Black men believe about themselves. He’s a great source to discuss diversity and inclusion in America. 

What About Me Media Kit

Dr. Dennis Rebelo (Story Like You Mean It): Dr. Dennis Rebelo is a professor, speaker, and career coach. He is the creator of the Peak Storytelling model, his research-based method for crafting the narrative of who you are and what drives you and why, utilized by former professional athletes turned nonprofit leaders as well as entrepreneurs, CEOs, guidance professionals, and advisers throughout the world. In Story Like You Mean It, Dr. Dennis Rebelo helps you communicate with ease and connect with others by constructing a self-narrative with intention and purpose. At the intersection of academic theory and practical experience, Dr. Rebelo shares insights he has gained coaching clients on how to build and then share their life-work narratives. Students from the US Navy and CVS Health’s Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers, and even NFL alumni, have used Dr. Rebelo’s Peak Storytelling model to navigate personal history, reflect on influential moments, and compellingly communicate their true value.

Robert Althuis (Never Enoughitis): Robert Althuis’s life began as a fairy tale—successful career, amazing wife, tremendous wealth—until it all fell apart. His relentless pursuit of more had ruined his life. Never Enoughitis chronicles Robert’s wild rise to success and cataclysmic fall, with all the painful details and mistakes of that journey laid bare. Part one paints the story of an idyllic childhood, youthful world travels, storybook marriage, and skyrocketing career. Part two reveals how it all went wrong, each thread of that high life slowly and inexorably unraveling as Robert’s insatiable desire for more cost him everything. Part three is a story of transformation, designed to help others avoid the same mistakes. If you feel stuck, empty, unfulfilled, or at the end of your rope, Never Enoughitis will light your way forward, helping you unlock the true why of your best life.

Never Enoughitis Media Kit

Timothy Yen (Choose Better): Timothy Yen is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate, practicing in the East Bay area and leading conferences and retreats around the globe. In his new book, Choose Better he is empowering hundreds of individuals, families, organizations, and teams to develop authentic relationships and grow into their best selves. Choose Better provides a systematic approach to solving any problem, no matter how difficult. This series of questions will lead you step-by-step out of that state of indecision and into vibrant, confident action. Identify your deepest motivations, clarify your values, understand the needs of others, and work through any resistance to make transformational, life-affirming decisions—even under the greatest adversity. Stop leaving your happiness and well-being to chance. Improve your relationships, at work and at home, while remaining true to your authentic self. 

Choose Better Media Kit

Iona Holloway (Ghost): Haunting, vulnerable, blunt, and stunning, Ghost is a story that reveals why strong women go to war with their bodies. In her debut memoir, author, coach, and speaker Iona Holloway explores lost childhood, identity webs, hot shame, emotional freeze, love, and lineage to tell the story of how to change not just behaviours, but beliefs. How to ask for help. How to let go of perfect.

Ghost Media Kit

Leah J M Dean (Assemble the Tribe): How do you find your people—your tribe? What are the keys to creating amazing female connections? Connecting with women can be complicated. We need a tribe to live our best lives. In fact, research proves that we live longer, healthier, and happier lives when we connect with other women. Leah Dean, a former chief human resources executive, having worked with leaders all over the world building high-performing teams and tribes, for twenty years is the expert on tribe formation. In Assemble the Tribe, Leah shares this formula and shows you how to shift to a tribe mindset by first discovering the value that you bring to every connection you make. 

Assemble the Tribe Media Kit

Todd Miller (ENRICH): The story of finding yourself burnt out and hating your job is all too common and there are a lot of books out there that will tell you how to get to a better, more fulfilling life, but how are you supposed to get there when you rely on the paycheck that comes from the job you hate? Todd Miller retired to a beach in Thailand in his early 50s by following the six steps he calls the ENRICH Method. These steps address the elephant in the room that is a paycheck by walking you through the exact steps to take to get your finances in a place where you too can retire early and live a more fulfilling life. 

ENRICH Media Kit

Benjamin Hardy (Personality Isn’t Permanent): The Myers-Briggs test — the most popular personality test in the $2B personality testing industry — was created by two people who had absolutely no training in psychology, psychiatry, testing, academics, or lab work. Yet millions of people center their identities around what these tests say they are. In his new book, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, the #1 writer in the world on and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work, debunks common personality myths, and gives you tips to intentionally define and shape your identity. 

Personality Isn’t Permanent Media Kit

Kayvan Kian (What is Water?): Being a young leader in today’s uncertain world is overwhelming. To clear the noise and start to thrive, Kayvan Kian teaches you to radically focus on only the things you can control: positivity and negativity, strengths and weaknesses, interactions with others, and the meaning of day-to-day tasks.

What is Water Media Kit

Roy Cook (A Fool’s Errand): Roy Cook spent his early career as a marketing manager for Procter & Gamble, and later founded a national marketing company that allowed him to retire after only 11 years of operation. In A Fool’s Errand, Cook discusses the importance of understanding our personal core values, and shares the principles he developed which led to his professional success as well as his personal fulfillment.

A Fool’s Errand Media Kit


Investing & Personal Finance

Patrick Strubbe (The Retirement Secret):Pat Strubbe is a financial planner with over twenty years of experience teaching retirees how to preserve their assets and increase their income. If you’re like most people, you’re facing the looming specter of retirement on your own, in what Pat calls the do-it-yourself retirement system. You’re not sure you’ll ever have enough money to retire, and you’re concerned that you won’t know how to make that money last as long as it needs to. The Retirement Secret will set your mind at ease, answering your questions in an easy-to-read story that you won’t want to put down. 

The Retirement Secret Media Kit

Ted Kaufman, Bruce Hiland (Retiring?): Ted Kaufman (former U.S. Senator, VP Biden’s Chief of Staff, and head of President Biden’s transition team), and Bruce Hiland (former Chief Administrative Officer at Time Inc. and independent consultant with McKinsey), have had successful careers and successful retirements. But they’ve noticed a new challenge with old retirement planning advice: People are living far longer, with far better health than ever before—both mentally and physically. Instead of slowing down, people are leaving their jobs feeling ready to take on the world. They’re financially independent, active, and capable. And then, suddenly, they have nothing to do. Retiring? takes a profound look at twenty-first-century retirement, helping you plan for all the nonfinancial aspects of what comes next.

Retiring? Media Kit

Chris Belchamber (Invest Like the Best): Chris Belchamber holds a Math MA from Oxford University and has been an investment professional since 1984. He was recruited by JPMorgan in 1989 to run their UK Sterling Bond Sales and Trading and presented JPMorgan’s UK Bond Market’s development paper, endorsed by Margeret Thatcher, to the Bank of England in 1989. Impressive for anyone’s investing experience! His new book, Invest Like the Best, comprised of

the best practices of the most successful investors—with winning track records that span decades—can be clearly defined, easily understood, and simply measured in real-time.

Invest Like the Best Media Kit

Stephen Taylor (Taylor Made): Have you ever walked away from buying a car wondering if you really got a deal or if you were ripped off? Stephen Taylor has spent two decades working to change the negative connotations of his industry and runs some of the most successful car dealerships in the country because of it. Taylor Made gives you insider tips on how to choose a dealer, get top dollar for your trade-in, negotiate a fair price, and select the products that will truly protect you in the long run all to make your car buying experience enjoyable. 

Taylor Made Media Kit

Bill Ham (Creative Cash): Think you can’t afford to invest in multifamily real estate?

Now, you can. Discover the best-kept secrets of the two creative, effective financing strategies other investors don’t want you to know about: Master Lease Options and Seller Financing. Real estate investor Bill Ham used these strategies to buy his first 400 units without ever stepping into a bank or qualifying for a loan. In his book Creative Cash, you’ll learn step-by-step how to do it all from identifying the best emerging markets to analyzing and underwrite those deals. Let Bill show you how to close your next deal with little to no money down using the hottest strategies in real estate—leveraging other people’s money to come out ahead.

Creative Cash Media Kit

Brian Requarth (Viva the Entrepreneur): The entrepreneurial journey is lonely—especially if you’re looking to start a business in Latin America, where opportunities are ripe but resources are scarce. Brian Requarth is well acquainted with the challenges unique to this part of the world, co-founder and former CEO of Viva Real, a leading proptech business in Brazil. Brian raised $74 million in venture capital funding for Viva Real, which sold for $550 million dollars. In his book, Viva The Entrepreneur he shows how to manage your own psychology and your operations, be it working with co-founders, building a culture, or managing a board of directors. Reveals the secrets of scaling a business and best practices for raising venture capital in Latin America. Brian wants to help demystify the obstacles you’ll face, teach what you won’t learn in business school, and offer you inspiration and encouragement on your journey.

Viva the Entrepreneur Media Kit

Brent Sprenkle (Billion Dollar Portfolio): We admire them. We want to be them. 

But we don’t understand how they do it. How do commercial real estate investors create portfolios worth billions?  As an experienced investor, Brent Sprenkle has worked as a commercial real estate broker and investor in Los Angeles bringing more than twenty years of experience and expertise in assessing his clients’ real estate portfolios. In Billion Dollar Portfolio, Brent shows you how to purchase multiple investment properties and maximize your growth by leveraging your resources—even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Billion Dollar Portfolio Media Kit

Bill Keen (Keen on Retirement): A childhood marked by financial hardship drove Bill Keen to learn about saving and investing at a very young age, so he could one day support his family. Now CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, Bill shares insights from more than 15,000 client meetings across a twenty-seven year career to help you approach retirement with peace of mind. 

Keen on Retirement Media Kit



Adam J. Weber (Meditation Not Medicine): Adam is the “no BS, common-sense” speaker, author, and meditation teacher. When Adam was diagnosed with MS, he began struggling to meet the day-to-day challenges of life until he found meditation as a way to deal with his stress. In his book, Adam simplifies meditation with an easy, practical approach to help anyone in need of stress relief find results.

Dr. Stephanie Estima (The Betty Body): Busy women understand how frustrating it can be to feel like crap all the time, always running on fumes, and having your doctor tell you there’s nothing wrong with you. Dr. Stephanie Estima felt the same until she stopped treating herself like a little man – taking all the same health and wellness advice designed for men and applying it to her own body – and started embracing and caring for her feminine body. The Betty Body teaches women how to properly nourish their bodies, balance their hormones, and stop feeling tired all the time based on science.  

The Betty Body Media Kit

Dr. James Marotta (You’re not a Vanity Purchase): “Am I crazy, Doctor? Am I vain? Why do I care so much?” Dr. James C. Marotta has repeatedly heard patients express shame and guilt about wanting to change their appearance. They second-guess themselves and worry about seeming superficial. You should not have to feel bad about wanting to look good. In You’re Not a Vanity Purchase Dr. Marotta offers a deep dive into history, sociology, and psychology to show why plastic surgery is a form of empowerment, not pride. The drive to look good is about far more than vanity. It’s about being psychologically healthy, fulfilled, and confident. Using extensive research and case studies, Dr. Marotta offers support and teaches you how to ditch the guilt. 

You’re Not a Vanity Purchase Media Kit

Dr. Nina Ahuja (Stress in Medicine): Dr. Nina Ahuja is an ophthalmic surgeon and the Founder of Docs in Leadership, an organization she created to deliver leadership education to fellow health professionals. In her new book, Stress in Medicine, Dr. Ahuja tackles the culture of silence in medicine that makes it difficult to talk about the unique responsibilities and stresses associated with being a medical professional. Her unique model coined the ADMIT Framework, is an innovative approach that can lower the stress level of any situation and sharpen the minds of those dealing in life and/or death situations.

Stress in Medicine Media Kit

Jared Graybeal (The Self Help Book): Jared Graybeal is a NASM-certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, behavioral change specialist, CrossFit Level 2 trainer, and corrective exercise specialist with an education in marketing and psychology. He wrote The Self Help Book to encourage, educate, and empower others to live happier, healthier lives by outlining six practical ways to live a life of constant growth while avoiding stagnation or burnout. Every time you turn to The Self Help Book, you’ll walk away encouraged, knowing that every day is an opportunity to grow and that you have the ability to do so.

The Self Help Book Media Kit



Brian LaBock (Not a Good Neighbor): Brian LaBovick is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has earned more than $400 million for his clients after establishing his injury law practice in 1991. He is now CEO of the LaBovick Law Group, an advisory board member of Keiser University’s legal education division, a past president of the North Palm Beach County Bar NAssociation, and former director of the Palm Beach County Justice Association. His new book, Not a Good Neighbor, shows you how to navigate the paperwork and pitfalls of an automobile accident case. Brian shares stories from nearly three decades in practice to help you maximize benefits in this often complicated process.

Not a Good Neighbor Media Kit

John Jackson (What About Me): D. John Jackson is a Fortune 50 leader with global responsibilities that include strategic planning, engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence. A creative visionary, he’s an executive producer of documentary films, an author, a strategist, a futurist thinker, a lecturer, and a motivational speaker. In his latest book, What About Me: Walking the Tightrope as a Black Man in America, Jackson, shares a simple, powerful message: Your life matters. Your dreams matter. And you can achieve them, no matter who you are or where you’re starting out. Written specifically for young Black men and boys in America today, What About Me speaks to, and for, all marginalized or underrepresented voices with a call of courage and perseverance.

Jeffrey Roth (Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs): Jeffrey Roth has worked on some of the most interesting and complex issues in New York City government. His new book, Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs, gives other public servants an inside look into how things run in one of the most complex city governments and how they can meaningfully change their own city for the better. 

Fires, Floods, and Taxicabs Media Kit

Matthew Deibler (The Devil and the Children of God at the End of the World): Matthew Deibler, a child of God, was born with a purpose. But he was a marked target of the devil and met him not once, but twice. This is Matthew’s story—a powerful testimony full of inspiration for those seeking purpose and meaning. It is a declaration of spiritual warfare and victory through Jesus Christ. Matthew Deibler is the founder of the Lamp on the Stand Motivational Ministry, which inspires faith-led transformation. 

Kevin McCarney (Big Brain Little Brain): Whenever we’re frustrated, angry, or under stress, those negative influences try to control what we’ll say next. When we give in to them, they get more powerful, controlling our tone and our words, and ultimately having a negative impact on us. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to take charge. Big Brain Little Brain distills all communication into simple and accessible tools you can use immediately to improve your relationships and leave a positive legacy. Kevin T. McCarney is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and community leader focused on helping individuals make great communication their trademark. 

Suzanne DeMallie (Can You Hear Me Now?): The public education system is failing children. Local, state, and federal governments know it, parents know it, students know it, and teachers definitely know it. Schools shutting down in 2020 only highlighted the existing problems that have plagued public education for years and it’s time something changes. Suzanne DeMallie is a parent and former teacher giving you an inside look at the policies that are failing our kids and guides parents and teachers through the ways they can advocate to turn things around. 

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Wilfried Vanhonacker (Rough Diamonds): Formal education today is not about learning. In fact, most of what students learn in the classroom is outdated as technology changes faster than colleges and universities can hire qualified professors to teach the latest in any given field of study. Dr. Wilfried Vanhonacker is an accomplished scholar, academic entrepreneur, and pedagogical innovator who has had a hand in establishing some of the most innovative business school programs in the world. In his new book, Rough Diamonds, Dr. Vanhonacker poses questions and ideas that will help you recognize where formal education is lacking and how we can create a system that supports lifelong learning. 

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Jeremy Keeshin (Read Write Code): Coding is the new literacy. Six hundred years ago, most people couldn’t read. In 1440, the invention of the printing press laid the groundwork for massive increases in literacy and ushered in the modern era. Today, computers and the internet are causing a similar shift — in this digital world, coding is a foundational skill. In Read Write Code, Jeremy Keeshin demystifies the world of computers and explains the basic building blocks of today’s tech: programming, the internet, data, apps, the cloud, cybersecurity, algorithms, AI, and more. Jeremy, CEO and co-founder of CodeHS, has helped teach coding to millions of students around the world.

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Karalynn Cromeens (Quit Getting Screwed): Every day, subcontractors across all trades face the same critical dilemma: Should I sign a subcontract I don’t understand—one that might even put my company at risk? Or should I refuse to sign and lose the job? Cromeens has spent her entire legal career in construction litigation, advising countless clients on how to stay out of litigation in the construction industry. She is an all-around badass on a mission to help every subcontractor, no matter how big or how small, understand what their subcontracts mean so they can quit getting screwed. 

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Byrdy Lynn (Through the Storm of Early Trauma): Roberta “Byrdy” Lynn had a traumatic childhood to say the least. Abuse, neglect, violence, isolation, and blatant racism plagued her childhood leaving Byrdy suffering from PTSD and suicidal depression. While Through the Storm of Early Trauma does detail the terrible events Byrdy went through growing up, it’s not told from a place of anger or resentment, but a place of hope for anyone else who has suffered from childhood or generational trauma.

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Ali Katz (The New Law Business Model): Ali Katz graduated first in her class from Georgetown University Law Center. After serving a clerkship on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, she went on to start her own law practice and write a best-selling book on family legal planning, and developed a new way to practice law—one that puts relationships before transactions. And while that made her happy, the icing on the cake was that she started generating over $1 million annually in just three years, all while going to her office just three days a week. She has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and radio and television across the country. Over the past decade, The New Law Business Model has helped thousands of lawyers build high six- and seven-figure law practices that positively impact their lives, families, and business communities.

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Ted Harrington (Hackable): If you have a technology product or technology plays a big role in your business, then Ted Harrington is here to tell you that hackers may be one of the biggest reasons why your competition is doing better than you. Whether you’re a technology executive, developer, or security professional, you’re responsible for securing your application and ensuring it’s safer to use than the competition, but where do you start? Ted Harrington’s new book, Hackable, will give you everything you need to know about securing your technology.

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Janelle Perez (The Moral Police): Should your employer have a say in who you sleep with? That was the question asked in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals when Janelle Perez was fighting the Roseville Police Department for gender discrimination and a violation of her right to privacy after losing her job. Janelle was a police officer having an off-duty relationship with a coworker while separated from her husband. Roseville PD had no morality clauses or restrictions against two officers entering into a relationship with one another, but Janelle was fired and he wasn’t. 

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Mark Quinn, Mark Kinsley (Come Back to Bed): Mark Kinsley is President and CEO of Englander,  a top-15 US mattress company founded in 1894.  Mark Quinn is the Co-Founder of Spink & Co, Farm-Grown Beds, and the VP of Key Accounts and Marketing for Sherwood Bedding. Together, they co-host Dos Marcos,The Galaxy’s Greatest Mattress Podcast (, with more than 185 episodes and hundreds of thousands of listens. In their new book, Come Back to Bed, they offer strategies and principles retailers can use to forge lasting customer relationships that will weather any storm.

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Sabreet Kang Rajeev (Generation Zero): Sabreet Kang Rajeev is a first-generation Indian American of Sikh descent, a full-time social-science researcher who holds an MA in sociology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is currently pursuing her Doctorate.

Throughout her life, Sabreet experienced the beauty and struggle of being part of a blue-collar immigrant family, and she is driven to raise awareness and empathy for a minority group of Indian Americans who do not historically come from educational or economic privilege in her new book Generation Zero. 

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Mike Bausch (Unsliced): Mike Bausch is an industry leader whose restaurant, Andolini’s Pizzeria, is a top ten pizzeria in the US, as named by TripAdvisor, BuzzFeed, CNN, and USA Today. If you own a pizzeria, you know something most people don’t: the pizza business is more cutthroat, stressful, and multifaceted than Wall Street. Mike Bausch, explains how to make your restaurant unique and in demand based on his twenty years of experience. You’ll learn how to build systems that will help you boost your sales and keep your sanity. And you’ll discover time-tested protocols that will protect you and your restaurant.  

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Michael Browne (Pinot Rocks): Michael Browne is the founder and proprietor of CIRQ, a family-run estate winery established in 2009 by Michael and his wife, Sarah, in the heart of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, California. Michael’s Pinot Rocks details his humble beginnings of being raised by a single father and spending much of his youth in the circus. He also shares the story of how he and Dan Kosta, founded Kosta Browne Winery in 1997 with nothing but a used barrel, an old stem crusher, and six months of saved tip money. They took Kosta Browne from back room to #1 Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator. Michael shares his mistakes and triumphs in this classic American Dream tale. 

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Martin Babinec (More Good Jobs): Martin Babinec is the founder of TriNet — an NYSE-listed company with a valuation of over $4 billion — where he served as CEO for the company’s first twenty years. Since relocating to his hometown of Little Falls, New York, he has been on a mission to understand the forces that shape job creation, and to impact them in his local community — founding numerous nonprofits, accelerators, and a political party, as well as running as an independent candidate for New York’s 22nd Congressional District in 2016. More Good Jobs is his playbook based on this work, a complete guide to understanding how jobs are created, and what you can do to make an impact and create jobs in your community.

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Alan Pentz (Winning The Long Competition): For the first time since the Space Race, the US is facing a serious competitor with a plan to achieve technological dominance: China. The Chinese government is determined to capture the economic power that new technologies like AI, automation, 5G, and the cloud represent, and with economic power comes military power, and then political power. In Winning the Long Competition, Alan Pentz lays out a roadmap for increasing US investment and innovation in core areas and harnessing all the resources and creativity of both the public and private sectors to win what he calls the Long Competition with China.

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Cassandra Spencer (Impact) In the face of convenience and detriment most people choose the former at the expense of doing what is right. Cassandra Spencer is one of the few, brave souls who has chosen to do what is right even when the events that follow wreak havoc on every area of her life. Her new book Impact is more than a glimpse into her time as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas. Impact is the story of a single mother doing everything she can to leave a positive impact on her daughter whether it will radically change her life’s circumstances or not. 

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Tucker Max and Zach Obront (The Scribe Method): Everyone should write a book, but almost no one has the tools and resources to actually do it — until now. This book is a simple, time-saving, effective method for writing a great book, from a team that has helped create hundreds of bestselling titles.