Scribe Book Writing Course

If you’re ready to write your book, this is the only course you need.

The Scribe Book Writing Course is the premier book writing course in the world. Created by 4x New York Times Bestselling Author Tucker Max, and presented by Scribe Media for free, this course walks you through a clear step-by-step process that has been used successfully by thousands of authors.

Who is it for?

This book writing course is designed for people who want to write a non-fiction book, primarily in the broad genres of business, personal development, self-help, or related areas.

What should you expect?

You should expect the very best instruction in the world on how to position, structure, outline, write and edit a non-fiction book.

Everything you need to know on how to write a book in contained in this course, and explained in a detailed, step-by-step way.

This is the exact process that we use with our clients who pay us between $10k and $40k to help them write and publish their books. The only difference is that they are paying for our personalized attention, time and execution. The knowledge and information is exactly the same.

How can this be totally free? What is the catch?

We believe that everyone on earth should write and publish a book. Giving this book publishing course away for free is our way of proving we’re serious about achieving that goal.

We could easily sell this course for $2,000 or more. There are entire companies that basically do nothing but sell courses like this (and they are inferior to this one).

We’ve made a conscious decision to forgo all the revenue we could get from selling this information, because we feel it’s far more important to have it easily accessible. That’s why we don’t have any gate on it at all.

We’re the premier book writing and publishing services company on earth with a mission to help everyone on earth write and publish their book, but if we only provided services, that wouldn’t totally fulfill our mission.

We love books (and serving people) more than we like money, and we and believe books are crucial to civilization, so we are willing to stand for making it possible for anyone to write and publish their book—while still ensuring they are high quality and impactful for readers.

We believe everyone—especially the people who can’t afford our services—should be able to have access to the exact same information as our clients, so their books can be just as professional as the people who can pay for our services.

We do this because we believe everyone on earth should write their book, publish their book, own their book, and have the best book possible–so their book can make the biggest possible impact. This is how we are going to make that happen.

Lesson 1

Welcome to Scribe Book School

Congratulations on starting the Scribe Book School. You’ve already done more than most people in your situation:

You’ve committed to writing your book, and you sought out the best course possible in order to complete it.

If you go through this entire book writing course, most of the hard work will be done. You’ll have a clear and actionable plan to finish your book and will have solidified your book’s positioning, outline, a writing plan, and a marketing plan.

Let’s get started.

Lesson 2

Should You Write a Book?

The big question you should be asking yourself is, “Should I write this book?”

We may be biased, but we believe that most people have knowledge to share with the world that can help others. (It’s actually our company’s mission statement to help everyone on earth write, publish, market (and own) their book.)

But, even if you don’t have knowledge to share yet, you should still write a book and share your story, because your story matters and you should tell it.

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scribe book school positioning

Lesson 3

Book Positioning

What kind of book should you write? Positioning your book is the most crucial part of both writing and marketing your book.

Without proper positioning, your book will fail.

In this video, we’ll review a quick history of positioning, how you should position your book and how much of your story should go into your book.

Lesson Resources
scribe book school objectives

Lesson 4

Book Objectives

Imagine it’s a year after your book has been published. What’s happened that made writing your book worth it?

Of course, everyone wants their book to sell lots of copies and be a breakout success–but if you make that your objective, you are setting yourself up for failure. You need to set realistic objectives, so you give your book a chance to actually succeed.

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scribe book school audience

Lesson 5

How to Identify Your Book Audience

Once you understand what your objectives are, the next step is to understand exactly who your audience is for the book.

Why? In order for your book to reach your objectives, it must appeal to an audience.

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scribe book school book idea

Lesson 6

Book Idea

You don’t have to get this perfect at first, you just need to get something down that is directionally accurate (you’ll work more on this later).

The basic idea is to write a one-paragraph description of exactly what the book is about. Don’t worry about writing the perfect description – just get something down that answers the three questions we discuss in the video.

Lesson Resources
scribe book school outline

Lesson 7

Book Outline

Your outline is the structure of your book, and thus incredibly important. If you start writing without a structure, the process will take forever and the product will be haphazard and incomplete.

The outline is also your best defense against fear, anxiety, procrastination and writer’s block. With good positioning and a good outline, the actual writing of the book becomes fairly easy.

Lesson Resources
scribe book school introduction outline

Lesson 8

Introduction Outline

The purpose of a good introduction is to prove to the reader this book is worth reading. It grabs the reader & compels them to keep reading.

It makes them excited to start the content and answers the most important question the reader has: “Why should I read this book?”

Lesson Resources
scribe book school conclusion outline

Lesson 9

Conclusion Outline

The goal of the conclusion is to tie everything together, neatly summarize your book, and then provide a specific call (or calls) to action for your reader.

Don’t overcomplicate the conclusion—just let it do its job and it’ll work great.

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scribe book school writing plan

Lesson 10

Your Writing Plan

A writing plan is nothing more than a specific plan that lays out exactly when and where you’re going to write each day, how much you will write when everything is due, and what your accountability is.

Let’s create yours.

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scribe book school writing your book
scribe book school editing your book

Lesson 12

Editing Your Book

It feels amazing to get through the first draft. Reward yourself with some time to rest and relax. The hardest part is over. You now have a real book in your hands, even if it is rough.

Then, let’s dive into Scribe’s 3-step editing process to polish your book.

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scribe book school fear solving

Lesson 13

Fear Solving

Once you decide to write your book and become an author, you’ll have to learn to deal with all the fears that come with it. You’re not alone. All authors start where you are now.

We start insecure, unsure, and afraid. We start with fear, and sometimes even terror, gripping us. Now, let’s walk through how to train your emotional brain to reframe your fear and turn it into excitement.

If you watched every chapter in this course, congratulations! You’re well on your way to completing your manuscript and preparing to publish your book. Our next course addresses exactly that.

Lesson Resources

Lesson 14

Scribe Author Success Stories

Hear from a panel of authors that have worked with Scribe to write, publish and market their books. They share what they learned on their book publishing journey, the mindset shifts that they needed, and their advice for aspiring authors.

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