PR Service

Get seen by your target audience.


Your message is important, but it can’t make an impact if nobody hears it.

That’s where our PR Service comes in. We design a media plan that harnesses the power of SEO and places your message in front of your target audiences to help you grow your following, build your brand, and generate the exposure your book deserves.

Min. $4,000/m for 6 months

What’s Included in the PR Service Package?

The goal of any PR campaign is to land opportunities to feature you and your book in front of your target audience. Our PR Service combines public relations with search engine optimization (SEO) to land media opportunities that have the best chances of being seen by your target audience.

Media Planning
  • We scrape your book and run it through several SEO tools to build a targeted keyword list that informs your areas of expertise that will be most relevant to journalists and publications, ensuring that what you have to say is seen.
  • Your Publishing Manager and PR Manager will work closely with you to refine your areas of expertise and define the types of media opportunities that will work best for you.
  • Together with your PR Manager, you’ll build a bank of quotes the team can use to ensure you’re considered for even the most time-sensitive media opportunities.
  • We know the value that opportunities with high influence or strong domain authority (DA) provide authors. This is why we pursue every opportunity that gives you the best chance of being noticed by your target audience.
  • Authors typically receive 4-8 media opportunities each month. Even busy authors who only respond to 70% of those opportunities still see 2-4 of those media placements go live each month.
How We Do It
  • In partnership with Shift 6 Studios and their proprietary Media Intelligence (MI) software, we’re able to access all the best PR and SEO tools in combination with decades of PR talent to make the most of media opportunities that are right for you.
  • We use a blend of global media databases and personal connections to ensure we know who to contact, how, and when to contact them to give you the best chance of landing quality coverage.
  • When we find a PR opportunity that fits your expertise, your PR Manager will first determine if it’s a good fit for you and the audience you’re trying to reach and then send you all the details, requirements, and deadline info to submit you for the opportunity.

In the beginning, your PR Manager will send you a wide array of opportunities to hone in on the topics you’re interested in speaking on. As we build a bank of quotes over time the opportunities will become more and more targeted and require less of your time to review as the PR team learns your voice and can use your quote bank to draft responses for you to approve.

  • Scribe’s PR Service is a 6-month minimum commitment with an option to extend for an additional 3 months.
  • If your book is still in the works, your Publishing Manager and PR Manager will work closely with you to determine the best time to begin your PR service for maximum impact.

If you’ve already launched your book, you can begin right away!

Who Should Use Scribe PR?

  • Authors who are comfortable being interviewed and featured in the media
  • Authors who stand to benefit from the exposure and added credibility that media provides
  • Authors who have books that have new or interesting ideas that would appeal to traditional media contacts
  • Authors who are uncomfortable with media and don’t want to be in the spotlight
  • Authors who don’t have any reason to benefit from more exposure or credibility
  • Authors who don’t have the time to provide quotes or conduct interviews with the media


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with reaching out to ______?

For the first 4 months we’ll work on building credibility and authority with the media, presenting you opportunities at all levels. After 4 months we can discuss reaching out to individual journalists and publications on your behalf as this allows us to build out your story and reputation in the media so you are pre-vetted ahead of going after specific publications.

What metrics do you use to determine if the PR Service is successful?

We evaluate the number of opportunities presented, number of opportunities responded to, number of quotes published, the Domain Authority of each publication, the unique monthly views of each publication, and the relevance of each publication’s audience.

What kind of results can I expect to see?

On average authors receive 4-8 opportunities each month and see 2-3 of those pieces going live.

Please note that we can’t guarantee placements or the timing of opportunities going live.

How much input do I have on the strategy and messaging?

We welcome all feedback!

But from doing this type of work for a long time we know volume of quality coverage is more important than getting in one “ideal” publication at the beginning of a PR campaign. We want to get you as much coverage as possible in the beginning of our engagement so that you are vetted and trustworthy in the eyes of bigger publications and journalists. This increases your chances of being covered by higher tier publications.

Why should I do PR with you?

We have worked with hundreds of authors looking to increase their public profile, increase books sales, drive traffic to certain websites, increase speaker bookings and promote their businesses.

Our partners have also worked with global brands like Virgin Atlantic, Google, Red Bull, Dropbox, Ebay, and more.

Imagine millions of people knowing your name.

The only difference between you and the people who are better known is that they’ve gotten the chance to share their ideas with more people.

If you are serious about getting in front of more people with your message, schedule a free consultation call and let’s discuss if our PR Service is right for you, and how we can best support your marketing vision.

Min. $4,000/m for 6 months