Build Your Author Brand.

Author Ecosystem

Establish your authority by building trust with those most interested in your message.

With your Author Ecosystem, you’ll attract new readers, share your message with a broader audience, and make an impact with superfans who keep coming back for more.

for 2 months
$6,000 total
Money Back Guarantee

What’s Included in the Author Ecosystem Package?

Our Author Ecosystem Package includes everything you need to go from author to complete online brand.

Author Brand Strategy
  • In-depth strategic conversations to hone in on your core author brand and message
  • Analysis of target audience, including demographics, psychographics, and a clear understanding of why they will care about your brand
  • Clear action plan to integrate this positioning into your website, opt-in, and newsletter
  • Determine the positioning of your website, including the domain name
  • Write all copy and build the sitemap for your website
  • Design and development of your author website through SquareSpace (see example)
  • Incorporate your feedback to align the design exactly with your goals
  • Share hosting account so you have complete ownership of the site for future changes
Opt-In Creation
  • Strategize the most compelling offer to get website visitors on your email list (i.e., a chapter of your book, a custom email sequence, a short PDF)
  • Create the copy for your opt-in and share it with you for feedback and revisions
  • Design your opt-in and integrate it into your website
  • Set up and integration into your website of your email service provider
  • Craft clear positioning and email cadence for your newsletter
  • Add any existing contacts to your email list
  • Set up your lead capture & email sequence
Author Brand Assets
  • Social media banners and other graphics to feature your book to your followers
  • Complete LinkedIn Optimization to rewrite your tagline, about, featured, and role description with the goal of maximizing conversations and conversions
  • Deliver a custom email signature to keep your brand consistent across all platforms

Who Should Use Scribe Author Ecosystem?

  • Authors who are non-fiction authors
  • Authors who want a professional image online
  • Authors who want to build a personal brand and be known as thought leaders in their areas of expertise
  • Authors who want to create more written content and would value having a built-in audience to share it with
  • Authors who already have a complete Author Ecosystem that they are happy with
  • Authors who aren’t looking to build a professional brand
  • Authors who are writing under a pseudonym.
  • Authors who don’t plan to create any more content beyond their books and don’t care about growing an audience


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website?

It depends.

If your goal is to build your platform and thought leadership, generate leads, build an audience for future books, or build up your email list, a website featuring you and your writing is essential!

If this will be the only book you publish and you are just looking to drive sales (no other goals), then there’s no need for a website. Point people straight to the Amazon page and don’t worry about it!

Similarly, if you want to use an existing company website to capture the attention and connect with readers, that will work too!

What’s the difference between a website and Scribe’s Author Ecosystem?

A website is just one piece of your Author Ecosystem. It’s the place where people discover you if they Google your name, and where they can go to learn more about you.

But if you really want to raise awareness and extend your reach, having a fully integrated ecosystem is all-important.  At every marketing touchpoint, you reach your audience where they are, highlighting your brand and key messages with consistent, powerful, and effective messaging.  From lead capture on your website to your email newsletter to your social media platforms, you come across like the total pro you are.

What platforms do you use to set up my Author Ecosystem?

To build your author website, we use Squarespace. This allows us to build beautiful, custom sites that remain easy for you to edit or change in the future as you have updates.

For your email newsletter, we use Mailchimp. Similarly, Mailchimp is easy to use, and it has the benefit of being free for you for up to 2000 subscribers, so you keep your costs low while you grow your audience.

Extend your reach. Amplify your voice. Make an impact.

As an author, selling books is just the first step. If you are going to become a leader in your field and build an audience for future content, you need a home base.

If you are serious about making an impact as an author, schedule a consult call where we can discuss your goals, lay out a plan for success, and determine if we’re the right fit to help.

for 2 months
$6,000 total
Money Back Guarantee

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