Establish Yourself As a Thought Leader.

Content Studio

Consistently sharing your ideas must be at the heart of any strategy to build influence, trust, and awareness.

Content Studio provides you with a complete team to manage the creation and distribution of your marketing content, so you can focus on what matters: your ideas.

Min. $1,000/m Investment
Money Back Guarantee

What’s Included in the Content Studio Package?

The goal of any ongoing content campaign is to consistently share your ideas with your audience in order to build trust, stay top of mind, and open the door to new opportunities.

Content Strategy
  • Analyze your audience to understand what topics will connect with them
  • Collaboratively determine the ideal cadence and topics for your content
  • Create a complete Publication Schedule for us to work from
Custom Article Creation
  • Meet monthly with you to discuss your customized strategy and article topics
  • Create powerful articles to align with any style or specs required for publication
  • Make unlimited revisions to get your articles approved and ready to publish
Content Publication
  • Publish and promote articles to your LinkedIn network
  • Publish articles on your blog, via WordPress or Medium
Dynamic LinkedIn Content
  • Create a strategy to determine powerful LinkedIn posts for your network
  • Write compelling posts optimized to get attention and maximize virality
  • Promote your posts, leveraging our network to drive engagement and increased spread outside your network
Forbes Column
  • Manage the submission process to join the Forbes Councils to receive a column
  • Set up of your Forbes Councils account to keep a consistent brand
  • Monthly articles are written to meet Forbes publication specs
  • Submission and revisions with the Forbes team to ensure publication
Newsletter Management
  • Create a strategy to determine the theme and style for your newsletter
  • Set up your email service provider via Mailchimp
  • Write a weekly newsletter and test before publishing
  • Publish and mail your weekly newsletter to your audience

Meet the Team

Author Content Manager

Josh was born a writer, but has been getting paid for it for more than a decade. His articles have appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Harvard Business Review.

Author Marketing Strategist

Miles has experience growing brands exponentially on shoestring budgets. Our authors value his fresh perspective and guidance. He’s also a certified yoga teacher.

Director of Author Marketing

Kelley has a background in publishing, marketing, and PR – the perfect mix for author marketing. She’s known for being a calm force – unless you catch her on the tennis court.

Who Should Use Scribe Media Coverage?

  • Authors who have ideas they want to share
  • Authors who are more comfortable and find more joy in speaking their ideas than writing them
  • Authors who want to stay top of mind with a certain network or audience
  • Authors who don’t have anything they want to say and are looking for someone else to generate ideas for them
  • Authors who prefer to write everything themselves
  • Authors who don’t have anyone to share their writing with (in that case, we recommend starting with an Author Ecosystem and Media Coverage)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I work with on my content?

You’ll be paired with a dedicated Content Writer who will partner with you each month on your content strategy and plan. This one-on-one relationship allows you to build rapport and allows your Content Writer to get to know your ideas and way of thinking so they can best reflect your voice.

How does the content creation process work?

Our process is simple, streamlined, and very effective.

Each month, you will set up a call with your Content Writer. The length of the call varies based on the number of articles you’ll be creating. (Assume approximately 30 minutes per article.)

In advance of your call, your Content Writer will work with you to decide on the most pressing topics from your customized Content Calendar to cover. They’ll ask you to spend some time thinking about the topic and outlining your thoughts so you can get maximum value from your call.

During the call, you and your Content Writer will walk through ideas together. You’ll explain, and they’ll ask probing questions to ensure they’re clear on your key messages.

Finally, with that information, they’ll write your articles. When they are done, they will submit the articles to you for approval and work together with you on revisions.

Where will my content be published?

We strongly recommend you publish content in at least one of the following:

  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your Mailchimp newsletter
  • WordPress Blog
  • As a contributor on Forbes
  • As a contributor on Medium

And of course, you can also share via social media or any other channels you like!

What kinds of results can I expect?

Content is a long game. Whereas book launches can lead to a flurry of activity all at once, a content strategy usually takes time to build up, but yields long-lasting rewards. You are sharing knowledge with the people you have access to, and the results come not from one great post, but from consistency.

When authors dedicate themselves to this process, they usually see increased engagement from their network and opportunities coming out of the woodwork. And because you’re top of mind with so many people, you’ll find speaking opportunities, paid writing gigs, and requests for collaboration hitting your inbox.

Additionally, authors often see their audiences grow. Whether you are publishing on LinkedIn or Medium, consistently sharing great ideas leads to more people tuning in to listen, which greatly expands your influence and ability to reach people in the future.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Do you keep coming up with great ideas you want to share, but find yourself roadblocked form actually writing and sharing them?

If that’s you, let’s talk. Schedule a free consultation call where we can discuss your ideas, put together a content plan, and determine if we’re the right fit to help bring it to life.

Min. $1,000/m Investment
Money Back Guarantee

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