Change is hard. Change is scary. Or so we often believe.

To Pam Marmon, however, change is joy. As an expert in change management, Pam helps major organizations turn the fear of change into the courage to progress. Every time she helps a leader handle a big, scary change more effectively, Pam can feel it.

The joy is infectious, and Pam loves the way it cascades out into the hearts and minds of any team she’s working with—and then back to their homes, children, and communities.

“I work behind the scenes to create something beautiful and powerful.”

Beautiful and powerful, not difficult. That’s Pam’s message to the world: stop saying change is hard! It’s become Pam’s mission to transform our attitude toward change from pushing it away to leaning into it wholeheartedly.

Here’s the thing, though: Pam wasn’t always this bold. It took her a long time—and the right outlet—to finally find her voice.

Pam’s journey started by stepping out of the shadows.

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Early in her career, Pam was fortunate to work under the umbrella of a consulting firm that catered to Fortune 500 companies. It allowed her to hone her skills and gave her valuable insight into the unique challenges that executives face when trying to effect change.

The problem? Working for a firm, Pam had to represent the firm’s voice, often at the expense of her own. There were things she wanted—rather, needed to say that she kept to herself.

In 2018, Pam and her family moved to the South. The firm she was with didn’t have clients in the South, making it clear she had only two choices: travel and miss time with her family or leave and start her own business.

A woman of faith, Pam decided to step out in faith. Not only did she launch her own firm that same year, Marmon Consulting, but she found her opportunity to step out of the corporate shadows and finally let her whole self be seen. She was ready to speak her truth.

As part of speaking that truth, Pam envisioned writing a book. It was an idea that had been swirling in her mind for a long time as a way to help more people and build her credibility.

When a mentor shared how the book they wrote made their business explode, Pam decided it was time to write her own. She knew a book would add her unique voice to the conversation of change and transformation in a way that was more lasting and influential.

“A book would let me say what I wanted to say—I didn’t have to hide any of it.”

A bad experience with a publisher left Pam searching for a better way to write, edit, and market her book.

Pam was clear on what she needed to say and how she wanted to say it. The only thing she needed now was a trustworthy process. One of the key tenets of Pam’s teaching is how to use systems and processes to get desired results.

“Too often, I see well-intentioned leaders fail over and over to transform their organizations without the proper guidance. I wasn’t going to make that mistake.”

Pam knew her life and business were about to change forever, so there was no time to mess around with the wrong approach. She was determined to find a powerful and effective system of writing, editing, and marketing her book. One that would help her write the book in her own voice and get results in her business.

Pam’s first attempt to find a publisher ended with disappointment. As a one-person show, the publisher initially seemed competent and capable. That is, until it came time for Pam to make a decision. She was given three days to say yes and was treated with a “like me or don’t like me” attitude.

“I remember thinking, I’m doing this to publish a book the right way, not because I like someone—and not under pressure.”

With a polite “No, thank you” and the pressure off, her search continued.

Scribe’s process reminded Pam of her approach with clients.

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After hearing an amazing talk by Shannon Miles, author of The Third Option, Pam approached her for advice on how to publish and market a book. Shannon was quick to recommend Scribe, who she herself used.

Could this be the partner she needed? Pam wasted no time and set up a call.

What immediately appealed to Pam about Scribe was their level of transparency and how she never felt pressured to make a decision (like how she’d felt with the other publisher).

She could also tell that Scribe produced professional books, the likes of which she had always envisioned writing. Pam was committed to creating a great book—“good enough” wouldn’t do.

As a process-driven person, Pam also appreciated that Scribe had a tested and proven process she could believe in. It reminded her of the approach she’d used with executives to help them navigate the unfamiliar and complex challenges associated with change.

“It felt very familiar. I project manage my clients, and Scribe was project managing me.”

While overall confidence in Scribe’s system was high, Pam knew from experience that leaders don’t always like giving up control. Would she be OK with sharing the controls and fully trusting the process? Would the process work for her like it had for thousands of other authors?

When Pam trusted the process, joy came rushing in.

As a first-time author, it took Pam some time to find her voice. During the initial stages of writing the book, one of the ways this showed up was in finding the right title for the book.

Pam shared her book title with Scribe co-founder, Tucker Max. He sensed immediately that the title wasn’t quite right. When Tucker asked her what she really wanted to tell people, her truth spilled out: if no one is listening, it’s your fault! Just like that, she had her title.

This was just one example of how Pam’s team at Scribe acted as coaches, mentors, and guides. Another time, when Pam got bogged down in the details of the editing process, Scribe showed her the progress she was making and kept her focused on the steps ahead.

“I always felt in control because I knew how things would work. Scribe gave me a couple of steps at a time rather than overwhelming me with everything all at once.”

With her Scribe team guiding the way, Pam was able to fully let go and trust the process. Just like her clients, that moment of surrender was when the joy came through:

The joy of the process and of publishing a book in just 10 months.

In a little over a year, Pam’s revenue has quadrupled.

pam marmon book

Shortly after the launch of her book, No One’s Listening and It’s Your Fault, Pam watched her business and life change in unexpected ways. Before the book, Pam had to find the balance between spending precious moments with her family and taking care of her clients.

Too often, she had to make the tough choice to put one or the other first, and as a result, both parts of her life suffered. Her book was the solution—what Pam calls her “AND” dream.

“My book allowed me to dream the ‘AND’ dream. How I can have a family AND a business. I could never have dreamed of this before the book.”

Pam sold thousands of copies of her book and was featured in Entrepreneur magazine. One special moment was when she met an executive of a Fortune 500 company who was thrilled to meet her because her book was recommended reading in their leadership library.

Pam’s business has been totally transformed as well. When she started her business, she was charging hourly for her consulting. After the book, she had the authority, credibility, and brand to develop a licensing model for her content and to charge strictly for deliverables.

Now, companies aren’t just hiring Pam; they’re hiring her book. As a result, Pam has quadrupled her revenue—despite publishing during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s because her wisdom, experience, and voice jumped off the page and went to work for her, expanding her influence and allowing her to leverage her time. Pam found a gold mine of opportunity for passive income—and realized the dream she didn’t think was possible.

Pam’s book opened possibilities and closed any doubts.

For all the ways Pam’s book has changed her life, she admits the most wonderful part of being an author is seeing how her work has changed other people’s lives.

Pam has started to receive a new level of admiration and respect from women who tell her, “Thank you for trailblazing.” Although she always felt like she was rather ordinary, Pam had to accept that the book changed her as much as it changed others.

“I became something I wasn’t by writing the book. Something that I really like.”

Pam recalls how emotional it was to hear that someone took the time to highlight important sections of her book, a practice she uses to ensure she internalizes life-changing concepts from other peoples’ books. To think someone was doing that with her book blew her away.

But she never forgot the biggest reason for working so hard: her family. It really hit home when she opened the first box of freshly printed books. That moment was about more than personal achievement. What Pam was really opening were doors of opportunity for her three boys.

“It changed the world of my children, too. I dream that they will never know employment and will be entrepreneurs. If they see us standing strong, they will follow our lead.”

Yes, Pam knows change. As an entrepreneur living her dream, it’s clear there’s no going back.

And if that’s not joy, nothing is.

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