The Scribe Media brand is now under new ownership and stewardship.

Last fall, our company purchased certain assets, including the Scribe Media brand name. This new company is backed by Enduring Ventures, a builder of long-term brands, and myself, Eric Jorgenson, a prior Scribe author and recently appointed CEO.

The purpose of this transaction was to preserve what made Scribe Media special, and refocus on the original vision through strong management and a focus on delivering exceptional service.

For the authors, vendors, and partners who worked with Scribe Media before—you may recognize members of our team from previous projects. We have a full team of professional writers, designers, editors, project managers, publishers, and marketers working with hundreds of authors today.

Tucker Max and Zach Obront built a strong foundation at Scribe Media. I’m personally grateful to them for Scribe Media and the opportunities it creates for authors. Our goal is to honor the strong roots of Scribe Media’s professionalism and expertise in publishing. We are focusing on the fundamentals: being excellent service providers to our authors, and great partners to our collaborators.

Since August 2023, we have published nearly one hundred new books, and signed over one hundred new authors. We are on stable financial footing and confident in our ability to publish excellent books for good people.

I apologize for the lack of clarity and public communication to date. If you are an author who had work in progress with Scribe or previously published with us, I will be reaching out to you for a private conversation with greater context.

Each of us are deeply appreciative for all of the authors, partners, vendors, ambassadors, and friends who supported people through this difficult transition. Thank you.

To explore working with us as an author, please schedule time here.